• That week the boss is out of the office.
  • To answer this question I want you to imagine that you go outside with a tupperware container. You open it up and let some air in. Then you close the lid and take it back inside. Then you take a second tupperware container and you go up to the top of a mountain and you open that container and fill it just like the first one. If you had the ability to see the tiny little oxygen atoms inside the containers, you would see that the first container has millions more than the second container. The first container has more air particles squeezed into the same amount of space, so we say that it has higher air pressure. Now to answer the last part of your question. When the sun shines down and heats the ground, the air sitting on it will rise up higher in the sky. The result is that the pressure in that location will be lower (less dense) than the surrounding areas. The result is that air will move from high pressure areas over to the low ones, which creates wind.

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