• I hope not. Hopefully people come here for more than points.
  • I doubt the good baggers would allow a troll to run them out.
  • Nah. Pay more attention to the good Answerbag people rather then the trolls, and you'll see there's plenty of smart and fun people here. :)
  • Yep they tried......... failed..... ha ha ah
  • I hope not. Sadly some people really seem to be very upset by what appears to be targeting of individuals. I have not experienced it so I can't claim to know how it should feel, but it does seem that people who are very visible here get a lot of attention, some of which is negative. I guess the only way to cope sometimes is to have a break.
  • they are making it very hard for some of our ABers and that is a shame ....for me one way to stop this is to take away the D/R option without this the trolls are useless ...what are they going to do ...leave a comment!
  • Not. Good answerbaggers don't care for points. So they don't worry for getting negatives.
  • They make it difficult to have a good time when their stalking you. But I think most of the time people leave just for a break.
  • If you were talking about Yahoo Answers, I would say yes. Y/A has no customer service, so trolls run wild there and send so many false abuse reports that good users kept getting suspsended...and Y/A does nothing. Here, they can't get away with it. AB actually has customer service and they deal with trolls fairly promptly. And the good baggers know that. I don't let trolls bother me here...they aren't worth it.
  • No, I don’t think that the trolls get to the best baggers that much. I think that what is taking the good baggers out is that they are allowing themselves to get caught up in the endless “discussions” – arguments that go on and on around here. There are some screamers on this site that are about half baked and must get the final word in every time. Arguing with these fools constantly, is annoying and exhausting. It saps away so much time and positive energy. Some of our best baggers have burnt out wasting their time and energy like this, rather than simply moving on.

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