• If I see someone I know, and they aren't pourposely avoiding my gaze, I'll say hello. But I wouldn't call it socializing.
  • only when i have to ie xmas? they are such a lot of 2 faces bitches, i give them a wide berth!
  • this is a tricky one, i always am fearful of coming on too strong if ya catch my drift. so i usualy stay back. which is pretty pathetic.i gotta change that.
  • some of them are my best friends
  • Yes some of them are family. and some have been close to the family for many years
  • Only a couple. Too many coworkers makes for office gossip.
  • I am close with one co-worker and we hang out on a regular basis, but generally don't make it a habit.
  • Just office dinners and casual meetings to discuss work . Lunch or dinner here of there. I work mainly with men.
  • Yeah. Occasionally. :-)
  • A few! I have 2 very good friends I work with, I have 8 employees, it's very hard to be friends and their boss. I've tried it both ways and have found it's best to just do my job.
  • Not if I can help it.
  • I work in a very small office ~ my 2 bosses (husband/wife), one sales rep, and me. I'm great friends with my co-worker and we do get together occasionally outside of the office, usually for a beer or something on a Friday after work.
  • Very rarely. Sometimes I fantasize about socializing with some coworkers off the site, but it never gets past the fantasy stage.
  • i learned my lesson, NO!!!.... if they get mad at you they bring your personal business to work.
  • i work at a daycare with my boss [45] 2 other girls who are sisters [18 and 22] another girl [21?] and a guy [20] i the sisters and the guy the most, just because the other one usually works different hours than i do but we get along well we all like our job we all go to the same college and we have similar interests =)
  • I work with 25 people, 6 of whom are men. 6 are attorneys, 15 are advocates and 4 are administrative. They range in age from 34-59. Several have grown children, most are married and a couple still have kids at home. Most are very intelligent and they all have their eccentricities which I've grown fond of. I socialize with several of them pretty regularly, as well as with a couple who have either retired or moved to different jobs. We all trade books, talk about politics, philosophy and current events a lot.
  • Yes, I socialize with them. 2 of them are older then me and the rest are younger. The oldest one I don't get along so well with. She likes me, I just don't care for her personality. She is like a puzzle piece that just doesn't quite fit. So, I wouldn't socialize with her she is loud and rude to customers and sometimes staff.

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