• It most likely was the now outlawed M-80. these were made, just like all others, in china. i cannot give you the specifics on the M-80, but i can advise that it was dangerous. i have witnessed commodes being blown apart, with an M-80. it contained a waterproof fuse, about two inches in length. it could be flushed down a commode, from a top floor of a building and explode at the basement level. Many people were hurt, because of the M-80. some people would tie two or three M-80's together, light the fuses and run. They were dangerous. I believe they were outlawed in the l970's.
  • The m80 was a very powerfull firecracker outlawed in 1966. Standing at 1 3/4 inches long the M-80 is the stronger than a cherry bomb. M-80s are fedrally illegal because of carless handling people. It is considered a sereous crime to own/light. They hold about 8 grams of flashpowder,are exactly a 1/8 stick of dynamite, and they are the most fun firework ever!
  • im bad at spelling
  • Back before the m-80s were illegal in the 60's, the m-1000 was the strongest! The m-1000 contained between 50-100 grams of flash powder, where as the m-80 only contained between 2 1/2-3 grams of powder. They are all illegal now and continue to be sold by bootleg .

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