• Like a "Scarlet Letter" I suppose. I'm not quite sure if I agree with that. Although it might work.
  • They deserve it. I think its a good idea.
  • I think its a neat idea, ESP if they are parked outside a school or a playground
  • you all need to smarten up and get educated because these knee jerk laws to get an official elected are ridiculous and a witch hunt. 85% of new sex offenses happen within the family or friends and the reoffence from sex offenders are 15% according to the us dept of justice website. this is a stupid law especially. the laws in place now aren't working. new judges and cops are still being arrested and let off all the time for sex offenses. and its still worse to molest a kid than it is to kill a kid and not molest them. that shows how idiotic this witch hunt is. this doesnt do anything helpfull or to stop crimes as much as thr registry dont help. this is a very desperate attempt to get reallected especially when there wont be any government left or police for that matter soon as this country goes into anarchy and chaos. all i have to say is get a gun and run to the hills. especially people like these who are in this witch hunt. and just pray someone dont want to put a red letter on you also.
    • Linda Joy
  • 12-30-2016 Every culture eventually collapses, all in the same general manner and for the same general reasons. Symptoms of impending collapse might include demands to close the borders at the same time basic services jobs are taken over by immigrants because citizens refuse to do the work; national defense turned over to mercenaries because citizens refuse to serve; drastic loss of quality in arts and entertainment; swelling welfare rolls; increased meddling by officials demanding to control all details of life and punishing lawbreakers to ridiculous extremes. Restrictions and regulations are piled up until the only way an honest man can support himself is by smuggling. The final collapse is always unpredictable. The USA has been showing symptoms of impending collapse since WW2 and many other countries are also showing signs or have already collapsed. If you want to see a snapshot of a collapse, read the news at -- Nobody knows whether to sh*t or go blind.
  • I would be against this and it is too easy to sidestep.
  • 12-31-2016 Ex-cons might discover that they don't need driver licenses or registration tags. It is not well known, but it is a fact. I know several people who refuse to register their wheels. In that case, the state would repeal their colored plates real quick.
  • It's a good start. I don't think the punishment fits the crime for sex offenders. In my opinion, pedophiles and rapists should be eliminated. Plain and simple.
  • I think convicted pedophiles and rapists should be chemically castrated. As for people who pee in public or flash their breasts at mardi gras - which btw CAN GET YOU PUT ON THE SEX OFFENDER DATABASE, should not even be cited for a sex offence IMO.
  • I wonder if sex offenders spend this much time thinking about their victims’ feelings before they permanently traumatize them.
  • Must be a fresh out of college whippersnapper looking for some fame. The constitution forbids cruel and unusual punishment and encroaching the rights of others. By "branding" he is doing both.
  • In the days of body-shaming and all that nonsense, I don't see that happening. Besides, what about the ones without a car registered to them?

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