• Open-minded (to me) means being able to understand a point of view other than your own, and being open to the potential for forming new opinions and reaching new conclusions when taking in new information.
  • I believe being open minded is excepting people for their choices even if you don’t agree with them. I personally wouldn’t have an abortion but I think it should be up to the person having it. I am not gay but I am open-minded and feel that if that is the life you choose than we should all except it and not judge. As for being too open minded I feel that there is a difference between being open minded and agreeing or excepting with someone’s bazaar lifestyle. I think I am axcepting yet I don’t think it’s right to kill people in the name of God, I will never see how that should be tolerated
  • open minded means "liberal" look it up it's in the websters, open minded is unorthodoxed, outside your boundries, outside ur box,
  • oopssss "too opened minded"... yes u can be too open minded there is a balance or weighing process we should consider.... balance mind is a sound mind.
  • It is term of endearment!
  • I thinks its when even though you have your own opinion and beliefs you really listen to other people alternatives and are willing to take what they give you instead of shutting them out.
  • you don't know it all yet
  • I think people want it to mean that we are all free to develop our own since of morality. Child molestors love the phrase.
  • Open minded means you are welcoming new ideas. I think that it is possible to be too open minded. I've been there myself,now I am back to normal.
  • I like what a friend/mentor said to me once about referring to anything as too something: It's a value judgement and to find a way of describing something without calling it too much. Now as far as open-mindedness goes, exercising discernment in how open to be in a situation is what I would call wise. To have a hearty dialogue with someone who has very different values and viewpoints requires each to be open-minded to the degree that both are listening and considering the others views (doesn't mean you have to agree)

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