• I study on my own alot. I've studied various branches of math (graph theory, number theory, abstract algebra), as well as political science, electronics, ceramics, and some other hodge-podge stuff that's caught my interest. Education is one of the most important things anyone can possess, so instead of 'hitting the gym' I 'hit the books.' Since I've starting living alone, I've also taught myself how to cook through trial and error. I can now boil an egg juuuuust right!
  • I have taught myself french and german..... (I needed to for work and it was interesting.) Now I am self teaching myself how to read and write Arabic... a lot of the money in the global economy comes from the richer arab countries, and it is better to at least understand their culture and language before diving in....such as eating with your left hand... HUGE no no its considered rude and unclean...who knew all those etiquette lessons would be wrong?
  • a lot of things, i teach myself other languages like English for example, and i'm trying to teach myself Italian too, i taught myself how to knit and many other things around the house, i guess all meaningless things to others but it makes me feel a bit proud of myself.
  • lots and lots of stuff! i'm always on the look out for interesting ways to improve your mental abilities. I love the challenge of doing something you want yourself!
  • I taught myself how to play the electric and acoustic guitar. I consider it to be one of my best personal acomplishments without any help form anybody. I have been playing for 4 years now. When people hear me play they cant believe that I have never had a teacher.
  • Most of the things in my work with aquariums and plants...all of my elecrical repairs and repair work around the house...the most difficult self-taught thing that I ever did was to learn Chinese..It was and continues to be incredibly difficult....but now I go to school once a week for help..but for years I did it on my own.
  • Music Production!
  • to snow board not the best at it yet but still learning
  • Spanish should help you in learning italian, as the two are semi linked... Congratulations on learning knitting, I seem to just make knots when I try it! lol and ANY accomplishment is something to be proud of!
  • Computer hardware and software
  • I've taught myself how to make fabulous handmade toiletries. I know it isn't that popular of a hobby, but I don't have to go to any expensive stores to get a quality bar of soap or lotion with a scent I adore.
  • Throat singing.
  • i taught myself bass, electric, and acoustic guitar and am writing all the time now right now i'm teaching myself piano whenever i can get my hands on one people are always amazed when they find out i'm self-taught
  • I taught my self to type. Years ago i was in a reception job and had a lot of spare time on my hands, so i logged on to Typing Tutor and taught myself, and ended up being an assistant to five managers, taking minutes in meetings and typing reports etc in the same comapany i had been a receptionist in.
  • How to be a survivor :)
  • I self-taught myself how to use the computer and how to build them from scratch.
  • languages
  • Keyboard, I am not great but I enjoy it.
  • I taught myself how to juggle. I am quite good, although I never juggle anymore, now it's just one of my useless talents :) I also taught myself, poker, chess, and how to build poker tables :) Next up: Gardening :)
  • I taught myself how to do a couple of gymnastic moves, Cartwheels, flips, handsprings, back handsprings, splits, stuff like that...
  • ive taught my self how to play the violin kinda well.

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