• Are you tired all the time? Do things that used to interest you hold no value anymore? Are you withdrawn from others? Do you have thoughts of suicide? These are all signs that could point to depression. Also, the longer the signs persist the more likely it's clinical depression and not just a "lull" in your emotions. If it's impairing your social life/professional life, you might want to consider professional help. If you have thoughts of suicide I'd definitely suggest seeking help.
  • Try doing things that you enjoy, (not drugs), if that doesn't help then you should probably seek professional help and they will give you some pills and thats it. its not worth taking the risk of becoming really depressed
  • The key is to find out what you are depressed about. Then you need to do an honest evaluation of yourself and ask: Can I do anything that will change this depression? If the answer is yes, then you need to act on that and make the change. If the answer is no, then you need to let that negative feeling go and get on to those things that you do have the power to change.
  • Can you sleep at night? Or having thoughts of committing suicide? Lose the interest and zest for life? Feel like living in this world has brought burden to your family? Think about it. There are solutions to this kind of problem, don't worry. Try to join your close friends, communicate with them. Friends are the best boon companion in life who most acquaint you. Learn to "live" with them, find your usual path, escort yourself back to your own track. ANTICIPATE good things to come in your way and having FAITH is also essential. Go to in my answer to read more on expectancy.
  • Suck it up and go see a professional
  • you need to go see a professional, you might have a chemical imbalance thats making you depressed and you might need meds for it

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