• Some might be. They're hoping that old saying "There's a sucker born every minute" holds some truth to it.
  • There's always a fool who will bite, and enough fools generate cash :o)
  • The spammers are just your friendly neighborhood identity thieves. If you answer them, they will thank you for permitting them to take over your computer with all it's passwords, account accesses, and personal information.
  • At the risk of sounding totally blonde (ooops I am totally blonde!!!) whats a spammer? heard the term but not sure what it is
  • "Legit"? To marketers, yes. And there are those some might consider spammers that are "legit". If you opt-in to receive emails from them and/or their partners, you will probably receive product and service offers based on your sign-up info on the site - that's one of the reasons they ask for demographic info - and THAT you signed up on their site. (Games, certain types of forums, etc.) Not all spammers are identity thieves. They make money for each email to which they send. That's why the unscrupulous ones will buy mailing lists from known spammers. They will ALSO SELL their mailing lists, thus making MORE money. See for more.
  • They dont have anything else to do, but get on your nerves and that is what they do to me.
  • It is hard to believe, but there are a lot of people out there who pay attention to spam, go to many of those sites, buy stuff and do all kinds of surfing. They are the ones feeding those jerks.
  • It's just a numbers game. With a good list and software anyone can send out literally millions of email messages for a very small amount of money. If you sell a product that costs 50 bucks you may only need to get 20 or 30 sales to pay for your "advertising" and in a business advertising is a tax write off.
  • "Why do spammers keep spamming when all it does is piss people off?" I think that's the point.
  • I agree with you Zack , I get so much junk e-mail and phone calls that I had to get caller I.D. and I won't even answer the phone and click the Spam button on my e-mail , and know matter what I have tons more -- Great Question and No I think these are not legit businesses -- + 5
  • On one of my webhost's admin sites there is a chat box where lots of people post "come visit my site" and it is absolutely amazing to me how many people respond with "stop spamming, I visited your site and it sucks"... well the spammer won that one, they got a site visit they wanted!
  • The Direct Marketing newsletter recently published a study conducted by two independent consultants who actually set up a test of spam emails, mimicking the spam emails for pharmaceutical and herbal products. They found that sending millions of emails resulted in five-digit sales from gullible people (they refunded everyone's money). Since it costs these creeps nothing to send the emails out, and policing it is nonexistent, they will keep doing it. If it generates sales, they will continue.
  • As I understand it, spamming is based on the theory that if one sends millions of advertisements at very low cost even a tiny fraction of responses is profitable. This is why some people advocate imposing a very small per-message fee, thus making the spamming economically unviable. +5

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