• If someone is harassing you that much, I would suggest sending feedback to AB and let them know.
  • Look on the bright side and think of all the positive ratings you've received. It's very possible that the person is jealous because they might not be able to come up with good and popular questions like you.
  • No, don't leave. But I really doubt that it's about jealousy. People here are quite vocal about their feelings and their opinions. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are bad or afraid or whatever. If it's any consolation, I think all of us have experienced that. You're not alone. I believe that in other websites things like this happen too. There's no perfect website. Just return to your normal ABing and don't let anyone or anything spoil the fun for you.
  • I would just ignore it, and avoid that person at all costs... if ignoring them is impossible, kill them with kindness : )
  • I don't think jealousy could be the problem, but it might be resentment, as in, "this is our turf, how dare others come play here". But you will find that anywhere and here on AB it is very minor compared to other places. I know you've tried ignoring but do it more and more completely. Even this question is telling them that what they are doing is a good thing, that it IS getting to you. Ignore, don't say a word, it didn't happen. Whenever you make mention of it you are giving them the power to affect how you feel and control you. Don't let them do that. Just do what you want here, enjoy yourself and keep to the rules or guidelines here. Don't post duplicates, don't use all capitals, place things in appropriate categories, and don't make questions too personal in attacks or hurt someone's character by naming them. Do not say who the person is or give hints that could lead people to who it is. That is against policy here. If it seems like you get unfairly DR'd by one person you can write to the staff and they can check on who it is and even get rid of those for you from your percentages.
  • Out that may be someone who has a history of harming others. :(
  • there are ass*holes in every walk in life, as the French say "ne laissez pas le bâtard vous obtenir dérangent". Report to AB any infractions and if nothing else, out the bastard.
  • What kind of notifications are you receiving from this ABer. Are you following all the rules of good community practices at AB? I know a lot of high ranking ABers and they are all very nice members. Maybe there is something that you are doing which is not completely kosher or generally acceptable practice. When I started at AB I did stuff which was not completely kosher or mainstream and the senior ABers stirred me in the right direction so that I could do what constitutes accepted practices. I still have a lot to learn, but I try to do things in the most respectful and attentive way. Let me know what kinds of things you are being questioned on.
  • Let me at them. They are obviously insecure, that they have to condemn every thing you say, they must be trying too make their self feel better. The other people will get tired of that persons negative comments after awhile, and will quit listening to them.
  • They're just jealous. I mean, in my friends Q&A, you always ask all these creative questions. which earn you points. The person's probably just either jealous or scared. And don't leave. You're an awesome friend to have here on AB. You should probably tell the AB staff and send feedback about it.
  • Ohhhhhhhh, okay this explains the question. Please send links, I would be glad to look into it for you. We don't need that kind of ugliness on AB.
  • No. Don't leave. It is their problem not yours..and unfortunately on every site there are going to be a few choice people who are just argumentative and mean. Just ignore them. That always works for me...Whatever you do...DO not respond to their comments with any kind of emotional statement..don't let them know they have gotten to you..Chances are they are trying to bait you..Just absolutely ignore them.... And stick around..there are a lot more good people on here than there are @ssholes... I hope you elect to is one of my favourite colours. Are you a vulcan?:)
  • You can use feedback, or to report them. Staff will track them, and see if there is anything fishy going on. Try and keep in mind why you LIKE this site, not who bothers you about the site. Avoid going to thier profile, and reading there comments, questions and answers. Tempting as it may be, if you are following them and reading what they write about you, you are just setting yourself up. :-) Try and have a happy day!
  • name and shame them, let us judge.

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