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  • Sorry, can't give you a real "scientific" answer on this, but the answer is yes. . .sort of. It has been my experience that it depends on the guy. Some guys enjoy nipple stimulation and some don't. I have found that the odds are about 50/50 that a man will or won't enjoy nipple stimulation. I have only been with ONE guy though that was so stimulated by it that he could reach the point of orgasm from the stimulation alone.
  • From a guy's point of view: YES! You might be surprised to hear it, but some of us guys can be very sexually stimulated by nipple play. If there's one good thing amidst the bad about my most recent ex-girlfriend, it would be the fact that she helped me discover nipple stimulation...something that changed my sex life forever. I never even imagined that men could be stimulated by it and thought it was exclusive to women. However, it also depends on the technique used. I noticed with some girls i've been with, they prefer physical stimulation with my fingers and hands, namely soft rubbing and circular swirling motions with my finger. Then there are others who prefer oral stimulation, and ironically it usually ends up being only one or the other that stimulates them the most. The same seems to apply to us guys too. When a girl tries nipple stimulation on me with her fingers, it doesn't do anything at all, but when she tries oral stimulation its strong enough to almost bring me to orgasm. As far as a scientific or professional reason why, I honestly don't know. I'm not quite sure how nerve distribution is in men compared to women, though i'm sure its different for everyone regardless of sex. Needless to say, it will be different for anyone you come across, male or female. Some women don't get stimulated by nipple play at all. Same goes for men.
  • I would have to say yes. My current boyfriend has very sensitive nipples and every time I use nipple simulation he reacts. Like REALLY reacts. I think I drive him crazy with it. But yeah....I'd have to say yes.
  • From another male's point of view, yes, mine are VERY sensitive. The older I get, the more sensitive they become and I love it!
  • I am 62 male and I have found stimulating the nipples as a great sensual release. I find, that after a period of time, I encounter a great pleasure sensation in the prostrate area. Although I have not ejeculated. It does feel a bit like a mini-orgasm. I highly recommend this. The stimulation can assist in obtaining an erection. Similarly, stimulation of the nipples in women can get their vaginal fluids flowing
  • I think it is less for women as we are more likely to experience pain through contact. Just a guess though
  • Oh yes! I am 67 years old, but only discovered the erotic pleasure obtained by stimulating my nipples in the last year or so. All those wasted years! Sometimes I pinch or twist them till it hurts. Sometimes I gently stroke them with the soft skin inside my fore-arms. Round and round on the base of my thumbs is good, too. A splash of cold water gets them erect and adds lubrication. Wonderful! Always gets me erect right away. I epilate round my nipples and regularly rub in creams to keep them sensitive. Thank God for nipples!
  • I am a 47 year old male and I discovered nipple play about 15 years ago. When my nipples are played with I can orgasm (without ejeculating) like a girl, I have even had multiple orgasms. such a fantasic feeling, if a bit weird! took some getting udsed to.
  • Maybe, but it doesn't for me. Every person is different when it comes to the level of sensitivity of their nerves.
  • YES! It seems to be a trend here to give your age, so I'll follow suit: mid 40s. My nipples have been sensitive since puberty, and I love nothing more than to have them played with, pinched, tugged on, licked, kissed, nibbled on, bitten (gently!), blown on, etc. There's something very erotic about looking down at my chest and seeing my lover's pretty face pressed up against it with her mouth busily attending to my little nubs. Unfortunately, some people, male and female alike, mentally connect nipple-stimulation with femininity, and therefore see some kind of gay angle in any male who likes having it done to him. This could not be further from the truth. On the other hand, there are some women who haven't liked oral-nipple play with me because my chest and nipples are kind of hairy. I've shaved around my male-areola before, but I was the one who didn't like THAT, for a variety of reasons.
  • For sure!! I'm 64 & they seem to get more sensitive over time--or maybe 'cuz of all the years of stimulation <G>. I've always liked it; like a wire straight to my penis head. I prefer being licked..brings me erect no matter what mood I'm in.(wife always exploited that) Then biting at orgasm time. Just discovered SuppleNipps. STRONG suction & stay on till you pull them off. Really fattens nips up & feels soooo good. I'm hooked! Bubba
  • It depends on the guy, but usually yes. Physiologically speaking: Each nipple has lots of sensory nerve fibers right behind it, so a man is as likely to notice touch on it just as much as a woman. Personally speaking: I remember reading a passage in _Cancer Vixen_ to the effect that when Marisa Marchetto (then Marisa Acocella, and always the author of that graphic novel) was injected with a blue dye behind the nipple to help locate her tumor, the pain of that injection set a new personal record for her (her words were that it went to 11 on a scale from 0 to 10.)
  • I would love to have a cute female stimulate my nipples!!!
  • I know for a fact that mine arnt. i absolutely hate it when my gf tries to mess with them
  • Like other correspondents in my age bracket, I am 62, my nipples are very sensitive. A little rubbing or sucking is so erotic and gives me an almost instant erection. With enough stimulation, and that is not an excessive ammount, I can come to orgasm and ejaculate without my penis being touched. i also keep them soft, Oil of Olay or baby oil and also shave very gently round them usually about twice a week They give me so much pleasure. Wowee.
  • Only thing I know that gets me stimulated is the musky scent of the vagina, and the sex smell in the room, and licking the clit in the vagina. And a woman kissing me mouth to mouth with a tongue to send electric jolt down to my penis to get it erect. I know that much.
  • Some men like it but that is almost universally the case with us.

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