• Yes, and i keep birdseed in it as well. The food lasts alot longer then in summer however I have some birds year round and they enjoy the easy meal
  • I am sitting here watching the birds right now. Yes, I feed the birds in the winter. I have 2 feeders filled with black safflower seeds, one filled with thistle, and one filled with homemade suet. Currently I have 10 varieties. Northern Cardinal Tufted Titmouse House Finch American Goldfinch Pileated Woodpecker Downy Woodpecker Dark-eyed Junco Lark Sparrow White-Breasted Nuthatch Carolina Chickadee
  • Not really a bird feeder, more like an animal feeder, the squirrels, and other critters are enjoying it also. We always put out corn, I get to watch them eat it, right out side my office window, it's funny when they are fighting over it, I let my dog out. LOL.
  • Yes, but it has no seed in it right now. Our birds fly south because it gets too cold here, and I'm not interested in feeding the squirrels.
  • No, but my neighbor's son put one in the tree between our houses. Not many birds this winter.
  • Multiple bird feeders with different foods in, plus a squirrel feeder which seems to save my bird feeders from being attacked by squirrel vandals. We've grown our house sparrow population from none to half a dozen, and have a wide variety of species come to visit. Location is SE UK
  • We have 4 bird feeders and two suet feeders out for the birds and one critter feeder for squirrels. We arrange with our family next door that even when we go away, our feeders will always have feed in them. The birds learn to depend on it so that if you start, you must continue feeding the whole winter. If you quick, they could starve to death. So we all fill each other's feeders:-)
  • Yes. I would say it's because we keep taking away their natural homes and food sources, but really I do it because I like to hear and see birds. I like to make life a little easier for them in the winter.
  • I feed em year round. I will NOT put old bread in a landfill. Not when there are animals right outside who'd eat it right up!
  • I feed them all year as well as the squirrels. They need to eat too.
  • I like to feed the birds outside my window- it keeps me and my cats entertained watching them.
  • Yes, because they are hungry?
  • They keep my cats fed.
  • I can't because of my cats.But I have a hawk who hunts well in the field out front.
  • A very good question I will start it, because they won't get it sufficiently in winter
  • I do just to help them out a little during the winter.
  • Birds avoid our place. Why you ask? Last year Tigger our cat got hold of a couple of the baby birds and did what cats do. I think word of mouth about this fierce killer has spread among the bird nation and they stay clear. We hear them but rarely see them and when we see them they are up high on a roof..out of reach. :)
  • No,coz they all fly south during winter.
  • No. There isn't a huge difference between summer and winter here, so it isn't necessary.
  • Yes, as we feed them all year long. We also feed chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels, deer, and others that visit, too. We enjoy having wildlife close to our home since we live in the woods. We work on the habitat as well, making nestboxes, hiding places, plantings, wetland improvements, and our cats live indoors.
  • I feed them at home and on our walks so I can photograph them.BTW,can you identify this hawk?I think it's either a Sharp-shinned or a Cooper's,but am not sure.Click to get full image:)It's driving me nuts!
  • No or they would never go away and the wild life authorities ask us not to.
  • i cant feed the birds from my garden as i own cats and that would be cruel.
  • I sure do, year round too. I feed them to attract them for my pleasure and their benefit. I have beautiful birds, here are some varieties.
  • Yes,,, because there hungry.
  • Yes, because I just have big empathy for animals, they are amazing and we should help them.
  • Yes I do. I have a lot of cardinals and house finches around.

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