• You're not a bad parent, only an inexperienced stay at home one. You haven't had the time to form 'connections' and interests of your own. You don't just stay home,. You have to do things of interest to you, for yourself. Instead of working for others you work for yourself, set your own hours and develop your own projects. All that takes time and experience. It took time for you to become a working person and it will take time to become a good productive mom at home, a whole mom, fulltime.
  • You know, both of my friends who are Full Time SAHMs hated it for the first few months. It gets better. Also you should read the blog "Dooce" it's by a funny SAHM. Good luck!
  • Perfectly normal to feel that way. Before you got to leave and Go to work/do your own thing, Now, you probably dont set time aside for yourself anymore and you are starting to resent it. You dont talk to adults anymore, call your friends, they will be your only sanity. Take a certain amount of time each night, too spend doing what you want, by yourself, no distraction, your hubby can help you here, by watching the kids, maybe playing a game with them.
  • First of all, I think you are amazing to have 4 kids and be home with them all day. I do not have children as I have never really been the maternal type. I should imagine anyone staying at home all day would feel the way you do at times. Is there anyone who could take over from you every now and then so you could perhaps have some time to yourself to relax or hit the shops for a bit of retail therapy? Good luck lol
  • What you are feeling is perfectly normal. It is hard to adjust to staying home with children full time, and some people never do. But most can succeed, if they give themselves some me-time, and believe that what they are doing is as important, if not more, than any hours you put in at a place of work. You have the power to shape the futures of four lives. That is a privilege. Think of it that way: you are doing a great job.
  • The most important thing I found in caring for my 1 daughter was finding activities we both enjoyed doing together, especially when she was realy small. As S got older I found more stuff we do together. She doesnt expect me to play dolly all day, at the same time I don't expect to spend all the time with adults. So we do a bit of both and have other things like swimming, theater and walking the dog that we do together. It is not just about the kids doing stuff, the whole family need to do stuff together
  • I think you are human and normal. I study a lot at home while my kids have other interests of their own. I personally do not enjoy crafts and playing their games or anything. We kinda all found our own nitch. My daughter spends a lot of time with my husband at his work etc. My son stays with me. The only thing we actually enjoy together is walking, mostly, and we spend time catching up etc. Are your children very young? If you don't mind me asking :)
  • No you aren't use to it but you will get better at it. I'm stay at home mom and I enjoy it. Sometime it's hard.
  • You are not a terrible parent at all! Some parents find happiness in supporting their family by staying home with them. Others much prefer working and being able to financally support them. If you are at home and crave a working enviroment, maybe it is just adult company you need?? Or even working part-time or 1 day a week. Here is a great website with things to do with kids. Just remember you love your kids. You are NOT a terrible parent.
  • So this same thing was on dr. phil (not to be cheesy) BUT he suggested what most of these people are. Take sometime for yourself. Get a babysitter once a week and go do something for yourself, go see a movie with your husband or go have dinner with your friends. your not a terrible person!
  • no you're not a terrible parent, you might be if you didn't ackknowledge your unhappiness.... You have to "relearn". You'll no longer get rewarded for working, you'll no longer have lots of adults to talk with.....relearn. Take a sewing class to meet other women....get a hobby, have the time you spend on you hobby be your creative time. Readjust, make your self happy. Maybe staying home isn't for you...maybe you'd like a part time job? Don't completley right off staying home just yet......I think you'll love it if you make some adjustments.

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