• sorry but you'll have to play the waiting game. all you can do is to show you will not cheat or lie and that takes time. you can say you are not that person untill you are blue in the face but untill she sees this in you she will not even listen! sorry it takes time but she will eventually trust you
  • By your actions. Your words mean nothing, it's your actions that will show her.
  • Be consistently stable, dependable, reliable, and generally good to her. Remember, the key word here is *consistently*. Once she sees over time that she can depend on you, she will know that you are not a liar, cheater, or user.
  • Only time and your actions will prove it.
  • Let your actions show it and be patient.
  • Walk the walk.
  • show her more attention, give her more than she asks for, but dont smother her lol. Be more of a friend than a lover, if you know what im saying.. Try to understand one another, and things will workout..My parents have a pretty messed up relationship...And Judging them, I believe that if one compromised a bit of them self, and gave up a bit of there ego and pride just for the others happiness then things will work out so much more better. If you show more interest into your girlfriend or wife...Then I am sure she will see that your not cheating or whatever she maybelieve the case is.. Its all about understanding one another and showing your love to the one you love. Well atleast thats how I believe it works, so I just wanted to tell you my oppinion of your situation...Good luck though :)
  • just tell her she shouldnt be accusing you of stuff unless she has proof
  • just tell her she needs proof before she starts accusing you of it

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