• If I got divorced I would probably not remarry, but I am sure if I met another person that curled my toes I would rethink it. If my partner died, I would feel more free to remarry. At the point of death, the bond is broken naturally. Divorce is not a natural breaking of the bond.
  • I was divorced and remarried but I don't think at this stage of my life I would remarry if he passed on.
  • I think I would give it another go, if the right person came along, though I may just go the common law route depends on the girl.
  • You caught me on a "yes" day. 8D I do think though that each individual has to work much harder at being a good partner and keeping the spark alive because it so easy to slip into the "take each other for granted mode" once married. It happens to non-married couples too but I don't think it happens as much because you each know the other can get out pretty easy. The other day someone said that not getting married and living together is just a way of saying you're not so sure and committed to the relationship that you want to make it permanent. Of course they were talking about people becoming parents but I still think there is a good bit ot truth to what they were saying. Just food for thought.
  • My S/O passed away almost 9 years ago. I have finally made a similar bond with someone else. At this point in my life I think remarrying is a def possibility. I think the older you get and the longer the time to build your bond the less likely someone would be to remarry.
  • I just can't see it happening.
  • If I found the right person, yes.
  • I've learned that people find people, they receive the companionship they need and when they no longer have that person they replace them. That is what I have seen my whole life. The message to me as I grew up and as I look around me at the shallow society we live in that people are replaced to fill the needs of others. I realize I would be a fool to think I could never be replaced equally as well by someone else. As for me, I suppose the smart thing would be to follow suit and to maintain a cold usage of others, forgetting the bonds I have made that obviously have no lasting meaning once they have been forgotten by a new connection made.
  • yes ...and I have (divorced) and its the best thing I have ever done
  • No one could compare to my present man. I don't think so. If my husband drops dead, he isn't passing anywhere... straight to the crematorium.
  • I do not know. I cannot answer with an absolute. It would just depend on too many variables. I wish I had a better answer.
  • I guess that answer is yes for me. i did remarry.
  • I couldn't imagine doing that. Then again, I probably wouldn't know untill the situation came up. I would like to think I wouldn't though.
  • I was divorced in 1991 after 24 years of marriage and I have been single since then. I'm not saying that I would never marry again, but I am very cautious.
  • Yes i would.
  • That's a tough question. My fiance died 6 years ago in a car accident and dating is a really touchy subject with me. I just can't seem to allow myself to go there with someone when my heart belongs somewhere else. How do you just move on like that? I won't lie: I find it near impossible to do so. It's so difficult, because I do want a family, I do want that life, but I wanted it with Mike, only Mike, and I can't have it. It makes me angry and a bit bitter. But who's to say that I won't meet someone who I will be able to open my heart to? So although I don't actively look, I'm not adverse to the concept. But I won't settle for anything less than what I think I deserve and what Mike would have wanted for me.
  • Im not sure I would remarry but I may one day enter into another relationship....never say never tho :)
  • i might but the new guy have to prove to me he is much better than my s/o. but i would not rush to get another special someone he will have to find me.
  • I have done that, but we wont talk about
  • Maybe if he died, but I told him that if we don't work out, I may date but I will probably never marry again. My parents have married enough for my lifetime.
  • No.I don't think I'd even date anyone.
  • i don't know if i would or not. but as far as i'm concerned you're free to do so. once there's no more ties do whatever, just don't cheat and lie about it.
  • Good question. I was divorced a few years ago and I'm not sure if I'd like to get married again. Someone would have to be pretty convincing and rock my world because I have no desire to go down the road of heartache again.
  • I don't think I ever will. For an American male, it's just not a rational decision to get married these days. If I had known what the legal climate was going to be, I'd never gotten married 20 years ago. A young man standing at the altar simply doesn't understand all the future legal responsibilities he's obliging himself to take.
  • To re-marry, I would have to be either divorce or widowed.
  • BTDT - Divorced and married another (No... Met my wife a few years after divorce)
  • I almost got remarried a few years after getting divorced. I would get married again if I am lucky enough to find the right woman.

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