• Yeah. Sometimes I feel like I'm not in love with a person - I feel that I'm in love with the thought of being in love. Maybe because it's a wonderful feeling to have.
  • I certainly wish there was more of it in this world. :)
  • Yeah, though I'm not in love right now...I love the idea of love.
  • Not really, there is not enough about but I do love to love :)
  • No! LOL I barely like love, I certainly don't love it. "Love is cruel, Love is kind, Love is fleeting.... Always blind." -Me
  • Yes. Generally speaking,the genuine, positive kind. People often say Love sucks. Mostly at times when it's the unrequited kind, they have had their heart broken, etc. Love by itself doesn't suck at all. It's just that too many emotions and experiences are related to it, some of those negative or sad ones. Then again, when everything is going good for you in that department, what's not to love? : )
  • I love love and I am in love with love. Without it I would be just an empty shell and lost. It gives me hope and makes me wake up in the morning. It helps me get through the day.
  • Yes, I do. And after not really finding it until I was older, I appreciate it even more. If only everyone could really experience it...just once!
  • very much so. i am a mother to two children and wife to a wonderful husband. i love loving and being loved by them.
  • Yes, I do love to love. At this present moment I am not in a relationship. However, if I were, I love love and loving the person I am with every second, minute of every day that I am with that special someone in my life.
  • I love to love. I love being in love. I love seeing people in love. I love my pets. I love God, and God is love. I love my fellow man. So, I have to say, I love love. I love love even when I'm hurt or disappointed by those I love. Love conquers all.
  • No. I love the objects of my affections, not the feeling itself. I think it is a bad idea to love love. It can make you a tad too indiscriminate about where you get it.
  • Yes I surely do. Love is good and kind and there is no greater thing to know, than to know love :)
  • yeah i would say that i am in love with the concept of love, then again everyone has a different one when it comes to that.
  • I sure do. I mean, there isn't a more powerful word or feeling. To only assign love TO things is like talking AT people. You have to fall in love with the state of being itself and lose yourself in it completely.
  • I love love Hate to hate I believe in beliefs Living life Screaming screams Singing songs Giving gifts I enjoy all the joy Dancing dance Cheek to cheek There's only the one Chance of chances To live.
  • No. It's always about the person. And only the person.
  • Why yes, I do! I love that love comes in a million different forms, but its all love. I love my parents, my children, my husband, my friends and my pets. I also love music, art and computers. This is an example of eight different things that I love though all in different, unique ways. I guess if there's one thing I don't like, it would be that the word gets thrown around too much thus weakening the power of it. Great Q, Jodie! :)
  • I hate love the way a heroin addict hates the needle...
  • I love true love. Having the same view of the world, seeing the same beauty and the same rediculousness in things, being effortlessly happy whenever you're together, knowing your world would end if you could no longer be together, and willing to travel to the centre of hell just to save the other person pain... But I love the idea of this, I've never had it... So I might just be in love with an imaginary thing, and surely that can't be true...

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