• It is called coving
  • I believe you're talking about crown molding.
  • In Australia it's called 'cornicing', or 'a cornice', rhymes with peace.
  • In some older house the piece of trim would be a picture rail. This is held down a 1/4 inch and it was used to suspend pictures from, because the plaster and lath used was hard to nail into without damaging the wall. If it has a profile, like a cove with steps, that is a crown molding.
  • Its given a lot of names as you can see in all of the answers you have been given. If you are thinking about installing it in your home, do it. It adds value to your home and can distinguish it from other homes in your neighborhood that are for sale. It also hides some of the flaws in the sheet rock between the wall and the ceiling.
  • 8-16-2017 If it is merely a border it is called "top border". If it is ornamented wood molding it is called coving. If it has angled pieces which appear to support something, it is called corbel.

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