• I think it had better be locked up!!!
  • If properly secured, I have no problem with it. If left out, however...
  • I don't think we need guns. The toddler will turn into a teenager much quicker than you realize.
  • I don't keep guns in my house because I'm afraid of being shot. I think guns and toddlers are a bad combination.
  • I think if you are worried about it all the time, move the gun out of the house. If it is placed where they cannot get to it, like mine are, then I don't worry about it. I use mine for target practice, just like some people use bowling to have fun. I would use another method of self protection if someone broke in anyway. My point is that if it makes you nervous, don't do it. No one needs undue stress.
  • Is the toddler armed and you are not? Get a weapon to fight back, remember that they are smaller targets but you can send them to their rooms.
  • What about steak knives? Matches? Hot stove? Hot running water? Stairs? Electrical outlets? It's called parental guidence.
  • If the gun is properly stored and the child properly cared for and watched, there should not be any problem at all ... however, if the gun is left loaded on the floor and the child is left alone and unsupervised, then there are too many problems ... ... done right, no problem ... ... done wrong, big problem ...
  • I believe it is the norm in certain parts of the world - Afghanistan, Palestine, the USA, etc.
  • I don't have a real gun but my daughter has a pellet gun. I don't trust myself with a real gun because I have a bad temper. With toddlers, I, personally wouldn't have one.
  • With proper training on how to use it and if the kids understand the power and what it really is there should be no troubles. I grew up knowing there was a loaded 12 gauge shotgun behind the kitchen door and never touched it.
  • Somehow some way they will find each other.
  • I'm going by your comments to other users here, you aren't just talking about a toddler in the same house with a gun. What you have said is the gun owners are irresponsible, therefore it's an entirely different matter. A gun in a responsible home is locked away, and other precautions are taken. There is no danger from a toddler, or a teenager. If that is not the case, a gun is nothing but trouble.
  • As long as the gun belongs to the parents legally and not to someone breaking in to do them or their children harm, I'm okay with it. I would hope they protect their child from getting hold of it, much as they protect him or her from household poisons and other dangers.
  • I thank its a very bad Idea even if you do all the right things it take only once to forget and boom your kids dead and its your fault. Also the kids grow up and they are smart and will get into you safe are whatever you keep it in just to take a peek and shoot them selfs I just don't think it is worth the risk to you children because if you lock up you gun and put the bullets in a dif lock box and have everything safe the way it should be if a intruder comes in your not going to get to it in time anyway I find a baseball bat is a pretty good sub. And yes the intruder may have a gun but you more the likely wont shoot him before he shoots you. not if you looking for keys to unlock gun a bat can be keeped close and it does not go off by mistake.

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