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  • i do. completely.well maybe a couple words but still it doesnt take much.
  • Suicide is painless...
  • I Definately understand you man, a couple words from someone you love can destroy your soul.
  • No. Words cannot kill anyone. Sure, words can be hurtful and could possibly even trigger suicide. But it's not the word that's the cause, it's all about the individual person and how they react to things. Someone who has been previously emotionally abused, or someone who has some type of emotional issues, will react completely different to something than someone who has not. I don't think anyone would ever kill themselves over 'one wrong word.' There would have to be other things that came before that to make someone so easily wounded.
  • I understand where you're coming from. If the hurtful word came from someone who didn't matter (a stranger or some random person or someone who has never been a part of your life), then no. But if the word came from a loved one such as a family member or a very good friend, then the hurtful word might kill you inside.
  • Aye.. indeed their character.
  • I can totally relate. When cruel, hurtful words come from a stranger, or someone who's not close to you, it is painful. But it especially hurts when it comes from family, someone who's supposed to be a friend, or that s/o that you thought loved you so much. I've dealt with all of these situations in my life, since childhood. Words can hurt. Words can destroy you emotionally and take away your self-esteem. Some people don't understand how much. And saying "snap out of it," or "get over it" or "don't be such a crybaby" (and I've heard all of those as an adult, too!) just don't help!
  • YES, I'm the master of it. When I get hurt, I say things to hurt & that's SO WRONG
  • When Words Could Kill: Mel Gibson's current crisis should put to rest any doubts about the power of words. The actor's anti-Semitic comments after being arrested for drunken driving last month cost him untold numbers of fans, diminished his industry stature, and, most obviously, lost him a miniseries commitment. Gibson's certainly not the first entertainment star to get himself into trouble with a few sentences - nor is he the only current occupant of that particular hot seat. And most of the others weren't drunk at the time of their outbursts. If words could kill... like a blow in the head a poison or two hundred pills a gunshot in the chest bloody hurting words could kill! they stab the soul like edged knives they pierce through unsuspecting hearts they come like thunder and lightning strike you down with pain so haunting it freezes your blood like burning ice it throws you off the wall...drags you all over the floor sprawled in your own pool of blood Tears fill my eyes and I don't deserve this. Look in my eyes tell me how could you do this? If words could kill I'd find the words to tell you how I feel If the truth hurts I'd scream till your face fades to black and blue.....
  • yes,that word is mistake.
  • I've learned that just because I can outwit someone with verbiage, doesn't make me right. I'm fairly articulate, but since I've become better with words, I can allow the other person to express themselves because I'm not afraid I'm going to be at a loss for words (if you can even imagine).
  • I understand... and it feels so cold inside.
  • No. Sounds like some kind of crisis to me.
  • Yep... NO! ... I meant NO! ;-)
  • I cannot imagine that any word spoken by anyone would kill me or cause me to kill myself
  • Why miss out on something amazing that can happen the next day. And who knows you could save someones life just by being kind. No matter how bad things seem there is a plethora of miracles waiting to happen. I get depressed too but we are here to help each other during those times. But to answer your question NO there is nothing anyone can say to make you kill yourself no one has that power and no one should feel that guilt. If a person is gonna give up their life its their unortunate choice, things would've got better.But no, no one makes a person commit suicide by a words someone says.
  • hey buddy how you doin? one wrong word! you tell me if that works or not (thats right im back bitch!!!)
  • No..unless it is a world leader who says "bomb" or "shoot"...words don't kill unless they are acted upon by someone with deadly weapons available,and they are spoken by someone who has great power to do great harm.
  • Yes when a person is depressed and the only thing you need to take the final step is a word to set you off. i know because it has happened to me.
  • Do you mean like saying "floor-it" at a cross walk?
  • Hm.. a single word? It has to be an answer to a question then.. But a single sentence can kill emotionally, definitely
  • It wouldn't work for me, but I have wondered for days now, how that could happen, unless you were tortured and brainwashed and had a post hypnotic suggestion in place that someone used on you
  • yes i know what you mean.
  • Yes. I can see that if someone was on the brink.
  • It's more like one more word that won't save them.
  • yes i truly understand, because persons may be hurting, or may just be having a bad day. and if you say a wrong word or hurtful, discouraging word, it can kill them
  • exactly........i do agree wit dat

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