• If you consider your maths to be about money (which you probably have a great grasp on), making all the numbers into pounds and pence (or dollars and cents), by applying this to your work you will do better.
  • Try to find someone to tutor you after-school a few days a week. Some schools offer this, but you may would rather just ask a friend who is good in math to help you. Start with the basics and keep practicing until you get it. Math is something that takes a lot of practice and studying for some people to succeed in, including me.
  • Hi chiffypop, What do you need help with?
  • As dolly said, applying the math that you learn to a familiar task will reinforce your understanding of the concepts involved. I like math now and I liked it in school, especially when I got to apply it to something that was meaningful to me. However, like a lot of other people I occasionally zoned out when we spent too much time on abstract theory. Unfortunately part of the theory that I zoned out on was the use of permutations to calculate odds, which is the method that they use to calculate the odds against getting the different hands in card games , such as poker and bridge. Fortunately I learned enough of it to help me win some nice bucks playing electronic poker.
  • I love have to find the way it works for you. A certain way to group numbers in your head, for real, I would go back to 2nd and 3rd grade work, study those basic facts till you can do them without thinking about it........that will help with everything in the future.
  • Learn to love this subject, try not to run away from the problem. If you like to do something, you will not afraid how much time you devote in it, so as the opposite meaning. Let me tell you, I just left middle school and I've never find maths a tough subject, in fact it is my major. First, it's because of my two experienced teachers, one teaching Mathematics and the other, Additional Mathematics. The old conundrum: Practice makes perfect. Do more exercise on your weaker subject and be vigilant to learn from your mistake. I'm sure you can, good luck.
  • Not everyone is good at maths. To improve it helps if you simply practice the skills With a good friend or a tutor until you master them. Basic maths is learning and applying rules. More advanced maths is deciding which rules to apply.
  • hiya, I shall be glad to help you out...which grade are you in now? what are the topics that create most problems?
  • Get a tutor, be it a peer tutor or professional, paid tutor. Answerbag is a great resource for you, but, you can only use Answerbag so much. A tutor will give you the hands on, individual attention you need to be successful.
  • Practise practise practise!!! its the only way to get better. i know from first hand experience. you got a textbook? just do questions from it (other than homework) if you need help go ask a teacher at school, they'll be impressed that you're doing extra work.
  • you know why math is my favorite subject? because among all of the other subjects, math does not need memorization... it only requires analytical thinking... you dont have to practice or memorize things in math... all you have to do is to familiarize the techniques and use your common sense when mathematical problem are there... analize the problem and voila! you will give youself a satisfying answer...
  • i used to love math till high school and now im in grd 12 still trying to do 11 math which im almost positive i'll fail again...i just cant do it
  • Maths is a subject that depends a lot on your ability to analyse and unlike history and biology,you can't simply learn maths by reading.The correct approach is, learn it by practice.Practice in the sense,by working problems out on a piece of paper.make a hand note of all the formulaes and practice as many problems as possible using them. . Brain has atendency to develope and think better the more you use it,just like developing your muscle by gym activities.Start working and face the reality.Escaping from it,is not the solution.Many people make money and they don't know maths,but they end up with mismanaging their money.
  • Say this exact thing to your teacher. S/he will know how motivated you are and will provide the solutions. I know how you feel. I remember when I used to sit at the table and cry over my math home work. Only then we called it aritimetic. :)
  • grow more fingers and toes

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