• Two days ago I saw a doctor who was signing my discharge papers and he wanted to know what was I still doing there. I said I was waiting for a nurse to take out my IV so I could go home. He said " Well I have had 14 years of medical training I suppose I could do it" and I said to him " Well even the Pope still hears confession so it's good every now and then to remember where you came from". He needed to be reminded he is just a man with a great talent.
  • several times, I heard a doctor tell a friend of mine to get up and stop faking there was nothing wrong with him that he was acting like a baby. the sad part was another doctor found his leg bone had a split from the ankle to the knee.
  • When I was at the hospital giving birth to my third baby, the anesthesiologist came in to give me some pain medication and he found out I was too far along. He yelled at the nurse that she should have called him sooner because now he couldn't give me anything. That poor woman, like she could have known things would go that fast, not to mention poor me to have to listen to someone yelling while I'm having a contraction.
  • There is nothing that makes doctor's more unsympathetic than being young, single, and pregnant IMHO. Let me clarify, not a teenager and in a stable monogamous relationship. Time to get off that archaic moral high horse and do your job.
  • Many times. I think the worst was one doctor who treated (and I use that word lightly) my husband for a blown out elbow. He never ever touched my husband, not once! He never did any tests, he didn't check for pain, he didn't touch him!!! Bu the declared him well after a month and then said he either needed an operation or else he was fine to go back to work. My husband went back to work and within 30 minutes, blew out the elbow again! We tried again, with a different doctor, NOT a workman's comp doctor:-)
  • there was this old dentist i went to to get my wisdom teeth removed and he would rest his fat arm on my forehead. i was only like 13 so i was still pretty little, i found this to be very weird. and then there was this time i went tot he doctor with my mom and she went in for a normal check up and the doctor ended up giving her a uneeded breast exam, lets just say my step dad was not happy about that.
  • Unfortunately, yes. I had gotten the flu for over two months (102 temp straight). After my temp finally went down, I had a sore throat for another month and a half. I went to an Internist and was tested for strep and was told "I don't know whats wrong with you." "It looks fine to me." "I guess you can go to a throat doctor." He was suppose to set up an appointment for me, but never called me back. The worst thing is he had seen the majority of my family and misdiagnosed about half of them! I had a sister who had to get rushed to the ER and had seen this doctor the day before for the issue and was told nothing was wrong.

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