• I dont think that it is a sacrifice to thier profession..some women just DONT want children.
  • Many famous women are career women who considered their contribution for the inbetterment of mankind as being their number one priority. In order for these women to achieve their lofty goals, they chose not to have children or a spouses because such commitments would deter them in their quest to excel in the field of their expertise.
  • Well, they might not want their figure to be ruined. After all, their names and images are well-known.
  • Motherhood is not a talent. It's a natural biological function. It's purpose is to ensure the existence of humans. Sometimes (actually, more than sometimes) women are not fit for childrearing.
  • Too busy working on their careers maybe.
  • I think they are intelligent enough to know, that they cant be a great mother or dont want to be a mother. It is not a requirement of being a woman, to have to be a mother.

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