• Sympathy? Pity? not in the least. People like that make me ill...I can't stand to be around them.
  • I kind of do pity them. I think that is more about my natural sympathy for someone really damaged than about their worthiness. I was just reading some emails from a former friend of mine who suffered from this disorder and along with disgust I did feel a wee bit of sympathy.
  • Not really. I mean I feel a slight wince that they don't have any internal whoa. The harm that this type of person causes for entertainment makes me angry and that trumps my sympathy. When they won't stop even when they know they are exposed and everybody has seen the evidence it really boggles my mind.
  • I do feel pity for them when they are just too young to 'get it' and they have some serious life lessons to learn, because those will NOT be easily learned. For adults, who have some good life experience under their belts, but still behave this way, I feel nothing. They are not worth my sympathy or energy in any way whatsoever.
  • No.I consider that a weakness,therefore,don't consider them.
  • No, I dont feel any sympathy or pity for people like that. However, I do pity the people who allow those kind of people into their life thinking they will "help" them in some way.
  • Nope. Not at all. I used to try to have "sympathy" for sociopaths, but I gave it up. They really have no excuse for themselves. It is hard to have sympathy for anything and tell it to go f**k itself at the same time, which is often necessary.
  • I used to until I married one. Lesson learned.
  • When I meet someone like that, warning bells go off, lights start flashing and I RUN AWAY!
  • yeah but you cant help it their just like that and maybe they are just trying to impress some 1 : / how are you :)
  • I am ambivilent about them and stay away from negative people as much as possible.
  • Nope - I don't give them any thought whatsoever.
  • Pity? No. They are usually so busy stirring the pot that there is no time for pity.
  • No I don't pity them. I just plot against them :P
  • You belittled the belittlers in your question, does that make you one of them?
  • I find it very difficult to have sympathy for someone who is so insecure that he/she has to try to make others feel bad so that they can feel better.
  • I don't like people who belittle others and want to reach their goal at all other people's costs. But if they need to do it, probably they could be other ways to help them change their character than put them in a bag and clash them.
  • I pity them so much that I would love to physically f**k them up.
  • I don't have much sympathy for it because people get hurt.
  • No I don't pity them. I absolutely loath them.
  • I can't call it sympathy really. I find it repulsive. I realize they have a problem, but I don't have a lot of sympathy anyway for that. They affect too many people in a bad way.
  • I guess I should, stillme, but honestly I'm just thankful I am not one of them. Anyone who is so insecure and has so many holes to fill in his/her psyche that the only road they know to follow is to put others down should be is a terrible way to live and go through life. I feel pity for children whose parents treat them badly...I feel pity for people who have great burdens to carry in life..but I do not pity the unkind people who cause harm and grief to others...I'm just not that evolved as a human being, I guess! :(
  • Lol. Trying to get people riled up? If someone has a real problem with someone, then, that means there has been a history with that person. And, history equals complications and two sides of the story. If it's someone out of the blue who just comes in and starts ripping on you, then, there is no reason to be offended nor anything else because this person doesn't even know you.
  • No. I just wonder what made them so hateful for about 5 seconds and then move on.
  • I don't pity them. They are people who do not have convictions for people, only against people. They don't need pity or sympathy.
  • not immediately. at first i am angry. over time, after i am able to forgive them i can become sympathetic towards them. for me i have found that i am unable to forgive unless i am strong enough or in a place in time/life where my senses can cope with forgiving. it is challenging to forgive but when i am in a good place it is easier. someone like you describe can be weak and pathetic behind closed doors. and not in a subtle way- in a blatant stupid way that shows you how lame they are without a doubt. if you could see them that way, maybe you would pity them but on the other hand you might despise them even more- if they are so pathetic maybe they deserve contempt. overall i think it is a coping process and everyone deals with it at their own speed and as much as they need to. sometimes i think we just struggle with these kinds of questions needlessly because it was suggested.

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