• Most dads are happy with a card or call (if you're not living at home). If you want to give him more, a gift card to his favorite restaurant (or TAKE him), a favorite video or CD... Basically NOTHING HAS to be expensive. If you can afford expensive, there are plenty of things out there.
  • if you can afford it,get him a cologne.
  • i get my dad anything with his favorite sports team logo on it! i also get him those cute cards that can sing!
  • I think there are times the SUBMIT button doesn't work... I answered this one (unless there's a duplicate out there...) Dads don't EXPECT much more than a card or a call (if you don't live at home). If you want to do more, a gift card ($25 or so) to a favorite restaurant, for a CD/DVD, etc. would work. Heck... TAKE him out to eat (and give him a card there). NOTHING has to be TOO expensive. If you can afford expensive, what type of things does he need for his computer? Printer? Camera? Basically, if you get him ANYTHING, he'll be happy you remembered.
  • Do something special together. If he likes sports, go to a game with him, if he likes cooking, have a throw-down (cooking battle), if he likes Trivia, have a trivia night, make him his favorite snacks and have fun.
  • you should by him super bowl tickets ;-)
  • Spend some time with him. It's the most precious gift, your time. It doesn't have to cost alot, take him for coffee, talk about good times, tell him...... You love him, ask about when he was a kid. Enjoy your dad, maybe have a picture inlarged of the two of you!!!!!! I'd love to just talk to my dad....just one more time!
  • His favorite Pizza a big one

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