• Most? Yes. You have to hunt for the really good ones, but once you find them they are the equivalent of food heaven.
  • I think the menus are roughly the same, but the quality isn't always the same...usually the small non-chain type restaraunts have the better food than the more fast-food type (like in food courts etc) imo.
  • There are some commonalities among the menus, but I have found several Chinese restaurants that also offer some very different items.
  • They probably say the same thing about restaurants that serve American food -- "Can't they make something besides hamburgers and chicken-fried steak?"
  • I've been to expensive joints that are only so-so, and there's this local little family gig that kicks my ass with their sweet and sour chicken (which is tied for best that I've tasted thus far), I think there is much varied quality among chinese places
  • I've found that most Chinese restaurants in the U.S. have awful food. It might be that I was spoiled by having an awesome one at the corner of my street when I was growing up. And I often find that they make the dishes very differently. I hate when I get won ton soup that has nothing in it but won tons, or even worse, when it has iceberg lettuce in it! I find that a lot of Chinese restaurants don't put the same veggies into dishes, like how some don't put broccoli in sesame chicken. Or some places don't offer different levels of spicy heat on different dishes that other restaurants do. And buffets are generally AWFUL! I'll stick to the couple Chinese restaurants that I know have good food!
  • the menus are the same where i live its just the price is different. one place might want more for something that i can get down the street
  • The menus may be similar, but I find the quality varies greatly. Additionally, sometimes the little hole in the wall ones where it is mostly take out, have much better food than the more upscale ones. You just have to keep trying until you find a good one.
  • I don't know about that. Some are just awful, some are okay, but a handful in any given area seem to be AWESOME! I love those finds.
  • No. I've found a wide variety of menus, styles and diverse levels of quality in the restaurants in my area.
  • American (or Western) style Chinese food is VERY different than actual Chinese food, so there are two categories to be dealt with here. For Western-Style Chinese, yes. Most places have relatively similar quality and there is an absolutely limited number of items that you will find in these places. One can, however find some splendid dim sum in some larger cities in the US as well as some more traditional Chinese Regional Cuisine... In China, you'll be hard pressed to find many of your favorites, at least in the same region, and they will NOT be what you're used to in the States. Never go to Macau or Hong Kong for Culinary adventure, you're much better off in Shanghai or Guongzhou.
  • No. American chinese food comes all grades of ingredients, flavours and even ethnic additions (ie szechuan)...but make no mistake of it..what we get in North America as Chinese food is nothing like real Chinese food.
  • Same menu items, yes, but the quality is quite varied.

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