• three dollars and eighty cents
  • No, a buck three eighty is NOT three dollars and eighty cents. It's a humorous, non-sensical amount. A buck is a dollar. A buck eighty is a dollar and eighty cents. Three eighty is three dollars and eighty cents. A buck three eighty is an intentional splice error which isn't a particular amount but a jumbling of different, mutually exclusive amounts. It's supposed to be a joke. It's often used to mean a trivial amount, like: "here's my buck three eighty's worth..." instead of "... two cents worth...", or "I guess I could flip burgers for a buck three eighty an hour", or maybe "I really earned my buck three eighty today" meaning "I worked eally hard and definitely earned my measly, insufficient paycheck". Unfortunately, I have no idea what the origin of the expression is.
  • a dollar four eighty It's a humorous use of doubletalk. Next time, reply "no, you actually owe me a dollar seven fifty-six." The slang word "buck" is usually used in place of the word "dollar" when amounts of this type are discussed. Google turns up 417 hits on "a buck three eighty", which is the number I've heard most frequently, vs. only 6 for "a dollar three eighty" and 41 for "a buck three fifty". A Buck One-Eighty: You have A Buck Three-Eighty. I have always heard it this way--so there's a variant. Example: Wonder if a buck three-eighty is actually the same amount as a buck one-eighty? a buck three eighty: The price for anything. Example: Q: How much is this, sir? A: That's a buck three eighty. a dollar three eightyfive: A nonsensical price for when one does not want to give the real price. Example: How much did my Lexus cost? A dollar three eightyfive. a pittance, or the amount that one lacks in order to purchase a local busfare.

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