• Um. Are you kidding me? I would not tolerate or accept any one in that position touching my child in any way that is or could be considered aggressive or authoritative. I certainly would not be okay with a teacher or carer putting something like mustard in my child's mouth. No. I would have a big problem with that.
  • NO, I really don't think so. She should have sent a note home with him to you about it. If she did anything, maybe he could have gone to the principal's office or something like that.
  • this is absolutely unacceptable!when school opens,my son the teacher and the principal would all have a meeting w/ ME in the principals office.after this visit the teacher will never hear another 'bad word' out of my son's mouth,i will never hear of her even thinking of getting near mustard again ,the principal will hope and pray he never see's me again under similar circumstances.for the next time i would be accompanied by my attorney and a court order.
  • oh my god no he could have been allergic?! that is a terrible thing to do he should have been told thet its not a nice word and inform you and you can hand out the punishment that you feel is acceptable! i would report this teacher to the head of school if nothing happens go higher then that!
  • No, that was not OK; and could potentially have been very dangerous (suppose the kid had an allergy!)... Talk to your child's principal about it -- I'm sure "putting mustard in the kid's mouth" is not part of the school's handbook...
  • No, in fact, in most states it is illegal. Talk to the principal now, and discuss how this could have happened, and why the teachers haven't received guidance regarding how they punish the students. Ask the teacher how she would dealt with your son's siezure, had he been allergic to mustard!!
  • It seems to be unanimous. It was medically dangerous, and also a form of corporal punishment. What's next, a spanking, or tugging really hard on his ear? Both the teacher and principal should have a serious word. One suggestion though: Don't go running in making accusations! Right now, you just want them to give you all of their information about what happened and what the school policy is. Once they've explained the whole story, in the full light of everything, then you can make well-informed accusations, requests, demands, lawsuits, or whatever you think is appropriate.
  • NO, that was totally uncalled for. You don't force anything into anyone's mouth. He should have been told not to say it again. (I always give children of that age the benefit of the doubt, that they didn't really know it was a bad word.) If he said it again, then he should have had to change is color, or pull a tally or ticket or whatever is the standard discipline and a note should have been sent home or a phone call to the parent. Then the PARENT could decide how to handle it.
  • In what part of the world are you from? That would be on the same as corporal punishment, wouldn't it? I may give the teacher permission to put a drop or two of Wasabi Sauce in him next time, and may even supply some to her if she doesn't have some already.
  • Absolutely not. You are his parent and she should have let you handle it.
  • Absolutley not. March down there and put jalapeno pepper seeds in her mouth and kick her a few times in the gut. See if she thinks THAT'S ok.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Seriously though; FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES, SUE THE SCHOOL and HAVE HER FIRED AS PART OF THE SETTLEMENT. F**k ANYONE who thinks they can physically abuse anyone's child. ---- Oh and if you dont do this, then you're just as guilty, and someone should do all this punishment to you. So get busy. You have a responsibility not just to your child, but to society itself, so the message is gotten across that abuse wont be tolerated.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh and I'm sure this is just me, but before she is escorted off the premises for assaulting children, I'd have him go over to her and whisper "F**k you you nasty old hag" in her ear. She'll never prove what he said, she'll just seem nuts, and GOOD. ....Again, just me PERHAPS but I wouldn't have him my child taught that people can assault him and he cant speak up for himself or lash back when it's needed. Lashing back is what stops people from messing with someone in the first place. I'd make sure my boy knew he could defend himself so he isn't a victim to start with.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      You might all think this is too much but I dont. It's little things that will screw someone up. I wouldnt have a child feel he has to put up with big or little bs. BS is bs, and he dont have to take it, and he isnt powerless, and he doesnt have to wait for someone to handle it for him. Hell, if he'd kicked her hard as he could in the shin right then, I'd be high-fiving him.! BOTTOM LINE: No one is allowed to TOUCH your child. IN ANY WAY! And that WILL stand up! GET A LAWYER. ASK HIM.
    • beaker95
      Or HER.
  • Did she give him any sausage rolls with the mustard ?
  • No, have you talked to her about this?

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