• I always thought they had interesting lyrics - a little different from the usual love songs, and that's why I liked them. I'm no judge of musical ability.
  • No. I like them, anyway.
  • I never delved into their personal lives, but I liked their music. ♪♫♪ ~Z=)
  • I still dig on the Doors sometimes. They're not my favorite band, and at times they got a little too experimental with their music, but when they were on form, they were awesome.
  • There have been rumors that JIM MORRISON was bisexual. I never heard anything like that about the rest of the band. Their music rocked!!
  • I think Jim Morrison sucked a bit of everything .. but songs don't get much cooler than People Are Strange or Come On Baby Light My Fire ~ imo:)
  • I own the dvd bio...and even though they're actors...i think they're lives were amazing from the way they captured them in the movie. I love The Doors, and always i don't think they suck...but it does suck Jim had to die...damnit.
  • Are you crazy??? They're my all time favorite band!! The Doors ROCK!!! ; )
  • OH! Come on killdrphil, The Doors are Da Bomb! They're even better if your whacked out on goof balls....hahaha
  • actually, they did. Don't get me wrong, i love them. Come on now who doesn't love to break on through to the other side every once in awhile... BUT...the shows were shitty and all in all Jim was just a drug addict who got famous from it. Had he lived I'm sure they would have been just as popular as Jefferson Airplane...
  • The Doors were semi-respectable as a pop act, but when actually put in context and compared to some of their contemporaries like, say, the 13th Floor Elevators... yes, The Doors suck.
  • The Doors are a one and a million Band I would have love to hear more If Jim like so many other good singer would not have killed himself with drugs. So here is an after school special, moment kids stay off drugs!!!
  • I wouldn't say they suck ..they did have a few great songs but I would put them in the same basket as nirvana.... over rated !
  • I LOVE the Doors, so I have to say no...Val Kilmer played the perfect Jim, in the movie...
  • i think they were pretty fucking great actually. so NO!
  • (under breath) Damn kids! - Don't know what bands were responsible for the music they listen to today! (Damn I'm getting old!) ;-) (And, if you are of that era, if you are under 50, I'm still older than you, and I say "Damn Kids!" to ANYONE younger than me! LOL)
  • No they did not. The Doors were pretty awesome and Morrison was a poet.
  • I often feel mildly ashamed in polite company when I have to confess "Actually, I don't like them..." But the shame quickly passes when I see that my not liking The Doors annoys people. :)
  • I don't think I ever heard a sucking sound when I played their music. I enjoyed them and the songs made great pictures in my head. They told word pictures for me.
  • No problem with them here...... ;)
  • my answer is no!their music has been a part of my life !it seems FOREVER!!!jim"s words in particular have helped me through bad times. so all i can say is take a little time and BREAK ON THROUGH!!
  • No, I didn't think that they sucked. I hated that Jim Morrison had killed himself. But I liked the songs they sang when he was with them. I don't know much about the Doors themselves after Jim's death. But it seemed to me from what I had heard about them that they did fine even with out Jim.
  • I think so. Hated songs about death, dying and despair and that covers all of their stuff yo...

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