• No unfortunately you cannot. The only option you have is to sell the car back to the dealership or to sell the car privately. It is probable that you are going to lose money in the deal. Do you know the saying, "the car loses value once you drive it off the lot". Well you've driven it off the lot. If there is something mechanically wrong with the car and thats why you don't want it, you could look into the lemon law and see if it applies in your case. But if its simply that you don't want it and want another one, I'd stick with the car you've already bought unless you want to lose money.
  • Depends on the dealership. Saturn has a policy where you may return your new car within 3 days but you must replace it with the same or other of greater value.
    • RareCatch
      Saturn?? They went out of business a long time ago! Jan. 24 2017
  • In Australia most things like New Cars do have a 'cooling off' period whereby you can return the item. With cars however I'm unsure - I can look it up in my law handbook (wherever it's gotten to) and let you know - and no, I'm not a lawyer - I'm studying welfare and have to know something about the law - we get clients who get in trouble for buying stuff not not reading or understanding the fineprint. From the top of my head however (which can be frightenly empty at times) you may be able to within the cooling-off period but you have to pay for any expenses accrued during the time. If you haven't actually received the car yet, you may return it but you lose out on the registration expenses, dealer expenses and also stuff like stamp-duty. Depending on the circumstances however, some dealers can be persuaded to drop their own expenses if you have a reasonable, evidence based reason for returning the vehicle.

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