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  • As far as I am aware, this is a normal function. Compared to how males get an erection blood fills the spongy material within the male penis causing an erection. In the same sense your capillaries within your clitoris and vaginal lips were filled with blood when you were aroused. This is the female equivilant to an erection.
  • yes, it is blood in your vaginal lips and vulva, but it is not the "equivilant of an erection" it is actually an injury. this has personally happened to me before and it is somewhat painful. usually its caused by lack of lubrication. this happens a lot when you only use your fingers. however if u were using a toy, it may have been too large, or if it vibrated, you were using to much contact, at to high of a speed. mine usually subsided after a day or two. warm baths help. remember this in the future when playing downstairs. we are very sensitive down there. if u make a wrong move and poke or pinch something to rough, it is almost the same as slamming your head into a brick wall(just without the concusion) the swelling will go down, but i would seriously invest in K-Y :)
  • that means you enjoyed it more than usual, when I plesurea a girl, I know when she is ready for me to insert my man hood, because her vigina gets all puffey and swollen, girls have more of a chance to climax when they are at this stage, just have fun....
  • Yes, this is COMPLETELY normal, normally you will have a male teasing your clit and getting you h0rny and aroused waiting for YOU to be ready for him to enter! If you didnt use any lubricant and played rough with your clit to be able to have an orgasm, the swelling will go down in due time. Sometimes it also helps to play with it a little softer afterwards and cum again! this is REALLY exciting...a tip use the "self-lube" from your vagina and rub it on your breasts and tease them and talk dirty to yourself and use pillows and mirrors(pillows to prop you up while you watch yourself in the mirror) or if you have a man there make him suck on your breasts and talk dirty to you and instead of using his fingers on your clit have him use his tongue...HOPE THIS IS HELPFUL!
  • Yes it will go down put ice on your pussy :)

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