• Yeah,sometimes.
  • All the time.
  • haha yes then i ask myself: why am i worrying about them?
  • Sometimes that happens on the net just like it can happen in the real world.
  • I do sometimes. If I see strangers mistreating their kids in public, or a husband cruelly humiliating his wife (and vice versa) Or elderly people in general.
  • I worry about strangers all the time. When my girlfriend worked at a department store, she got out late at night and I would come pick her up in the parking garage. I knew how dangerous parking garages are and how many young ladies worked at her store, so sometimes I would come early to pick her up just so I could be on the lookout for them. If I didn't, I felt like I was letting a crime be committed.
  • No, not really. Worry is a great waste of time and energy. You've never heard anyone say "I worried so much, it made things better". Just try to send out those positive energies!
  • A little, but not for long, because I have enough problems of my own which distract me from worrying about strangers. I care about others but since I can't do anything to help them, I'd just be giving myself an ulcer.
  • yeah a lot.
  • Do you mean in terms of their lifestyle, general health, mental stability or attitude? Yes, I would have to say definitely yes. :( Especially the ones that keep asking the same questions over and over again and never listen to the's mostly that they like to talk but never listen..other than being rude, it seems hopeless to get them to realize that they are causing the problems they keep complaining about..but they can not see a result they keep asking what they think are new questions and we keep seeing that they are simply asking the same old questions on and on ad infinitum! :(
  • It's a funny thing, but once in a while when I'm out walking (in good weather) I'll all of a sudden get the coldest feeling like "What if someone stops me with a weapon and asks for money?" Or I'll wake up at night with a scared feeling thinking "What if someone broke into the house right now....?" Just weired huh! out of the blue and I'm not normally paranoid!
  • All the time, kids in the neighbourhood, homeless people, stories I hear on the news. Some just effect me more than others, I guess its because I empathise with them.
  • yes there's this lady at the mosque i've been going to lately and poor thing seems to have such a difficult time in her life right now. i do my best to give her a ride home just so she doesn't have to wait half an hour to get on a bus that takes forever to get her home.
  • All the time! It's a gift and a horrible curse all at the same time!
  • Yea, I always feel worry about people i don't know that much and I care about them. I think who feels that, he/she must has a big heart and has the feeling of caring.
  • yep, a few people i worry about all the time. but not to the same extent you do :)
  • Worry about people I don't know that well? Yes. And I also worry about people I have never met. I used to visit another Q&A site and became involved in some of the day-to-day doings of the regulars. I worried when one didn't have enough money to get herself back to her dad's in Dallas after her boyfriend cheated on her. I worried about the really nice guy who was always being taken advantage of by girls he dated. I worried about the nice lady in Pennsylvania who had cancer and was undergoing chemo. I worried about the sweet little girl from Hawaii who was travelling to London alone to study at a fashion design school. I worried about the young wife and mother of two whose husband was deployed to Iraq while she was on the military base in Japan. I worry about everyone all the time. I don't know why that is other than it's just who I am. So far, it has not interfered with me having an otherwise normal life.
  • all too often
  • Sure do! I work in healthcare and also with homeless people, people who are addicted to drugs and many others...I cant help but get caught up in the troubles they face.
  • LOL....Its part of my job description...thats why im a stress monkey
  • I worry about people I see on here. Some people have ill loved ones or loved ones who have just died, or they are going through tough times romantically. People here seem to be very supportive, though.
  • Of course, I worry about people I don't even like. But I pray about them and I believe that God will take care of the rest.

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