• That list is very long! Almost as long as the number of strange things I have come across in France.
  • I have seen offices with carpeted is an excellent sound-dampener and also insulation. :)
  • Some have a room with no windows. I suppose the builder did not plan it too well.
  • I had carpet on one of my bedroom walls once. Not sure why my dad did that! lol Don't even know where the carpet came from, it wasn't like any carpet in our house! Anyway, when we were looking at houses a couple years ago, we looked at one that had a live trap in the basement with fresh bait in it (fresh veggies) and there was a big hole in the basement wall with a pile of dirt under it. (something had tunneled into the basement, obviously) There was also a house where the basement was almost like a lake and the walls were buckled in. The Realtor insisted it was fine and the house had been like that for years! there was another house that had a big hole in the corner of the living room floor with nothing around it. The basement stairs were under the hole. Our neighbors house was for sale and was listed as having a wooded lot, it had one big tree in the backyard and a couple bushes. (This was in the city with a lot that was .14 acre)
  • At my old house there were two bedrooms downstairs. The funny part was there was a bathroom between the two rooms that was not otherwise accessible. After receiving my real estate appraisal license, I learned that this was called 'functional obsolescence' - other examples of this include a home with an outdated power grid, or a badly designed floor plan.
  • How about a fully carpeted bathroom?
  • pink kitchen, pink living room, pink bathroom...this place did NOT make it onto the shortlist!
  • My neighbors house had a closet that the past owners had pasted odd pieces of wallpaper. like a crazy quilt!
  • Sliding glass doors off the second floor living room that opened to nothing. A deck was meant to be built but was never completed.
  • I lived in a house in PA for a few months that had a toilet, with no kind of dividers whatsoever, in the kitchen opposite the kitchen sink.
  • Odd window placements... instead of, you know, being in the middle of each wall, they would be sort of squished together in a corner, or be very small and sit at opposite corners with a huge stretch of wall in between. A huge grate covering most of the floor in a hallway (that's in our current rental house)... a tiled living room... a living room made entirely of wood -- floor, walls, ceiling and all... oh, and when my mother was looking at houses to buy, she was taken to look at a house with a tree growing through the roof. The realtor seemed to think that was completely normal...

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