• Start with the thought you are gone get your cake and eat it too....Then the thought most guys have about seeing two ladies having sex...Finally if you get excited then go for it..Believe me if she wants it she will start everything off for you, you just have to hold out on busting the big one.........
  • Start by talking to your wife about what she wants out of the threesome, and establishing some ground rules for the two of you. Once you are both on the same page, then go seeking the other woman. This process is most successful if both of you participate in it. You may go up, line up a girl set everything up, just to have her say she doesn't like her, or whatever. You can go on websites like to look for partners, but I always prefer finding one on my own. Best of luck!
  • Where do I find a Man for a Threesome with my Wife ?
  • DIVORCE!!!!!

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