• Yeah driving and Drive-Thru's!!!
  • Yes, I seriously need a chill pill when I drive. :-(
  • Nope, I am at my aggressive best! Mario Andretti has nuthin on me.
  • not at all. I love it. to me it's soothing. and living in So.Calif. it shouldn't be soothing, lol
  • Hahahaha it totally does. I'm not evil, I don't go around cutting people off who I think have slighted me, but I'm pretty quick to honk or flash my brights at people who cut me off or sit in the fast lane driving too slow lol. I also do a lot of yelling and cussing, but always in my car with my windows rolled up ;) It doesn't help that my commutes to and from work are generally during rush hour, which always sucks.
  • Yes, it certainly can. There are a lot of really bad drivers where I live, and I am amazed at what people do. It is cell phone users (particularly when TEXTING) that have caused every 'near collision'I have had in recent years. Cell phones also seem to distract people at four-way stops and other intersections. I know some people think they can drive and talk (or text), but it's just a bad idea. This brings out the worst in me, for sure.
  • Not any more. I tend to develop a mindset about what my demeanor will before I get behind the wheel. I usually listen to talk radio or mellow music on cassettes when I go on long trips. I try to keep a steady speed and drive in the middle lane on the interstate. If someone else is angry with me switching lanes in front of them, I tend to shrug it off even if they beep or give me the nasty hand gestures.
  • Yeah- I am a very aggressive and sometimes angry driver. It seems that there is an abundance of idiocy on the roads.
  • Not at all. I have seen the worst it brings out in others and I don't care for it at all. My all time favorite was the mommy in the big SUV who could always be counted on to pass illegally, flip the bird, and speed (20+ miles over and that's reckless driving here). . .WITH HER KIDS IN THE CAR. Urghhhh.
  • No. Emotion leads to collisions, and as Sancho Panza said, "Whether the rock hits the pitcher or the pitcher hits the rock, it's bad for the pitcher."
  • Driving, no. Other drivers, yes.
  • At times, but as I get older I just throw up my hands. One thing that burns me up is someone that breaks their neck to get out in front of you, then bow up and stop. Another is around unpassing areas, they drive extremely slow, then when they get out in a stretch or a passing zone, they floorboard it. I seriously don't think they realize what they are doing. If someone is close behind me, I'll let them by the very first chance I get.
  • Sometimes. I HATE driving, but do it out of necessity. Idiots on the road just piss me off... but not always. I'm pretty good at "defensive driving", so...
  • haha, no. I always assume that bad drivers are senile, tourists, new drivers, etc. I very rarely get angry when I'm driving. Unless it really seems like the person is just being a jerk or if they must be drunk or something.
  • I would think to say yes but upon further pondering I have come to the conclusion that it merely displays the incompentcy of others and I am just prone to noticing stupidity.
  • Nah. I'm pretty laid back when other people f**k up.
  • Nope, I have a very simple policy. My car is old, it is one of the pure steel kind. Your car is probably a little hunk of plastic. If you want to talk on the phone or discipline your children while driving, thats fine. Just don't blame me when your cars totaled and mines dented.
  • people say i sound like a new york cabby when i drive, i guess that just depends on how you feel about that! i rather enjoy it :P
  • Yes, I hate it.
  • Others drivers bring out the worst in me.
  • Nope, If it's that bad, I'm not driving. I'm a pretty worried driving so I always make sure where I'm going and think about it before. And then I just Pray! and go! LOL!
  • I don't even drive and I get road rage...maybe its best that I remain a passanger and not the driver. How do these people even get their license anyway? Just curious.
  • I don't believe so. I just know I get upset when people drive too close behind me.
  • well it certainly gets me aggrivated all the time. i hate slow drivers!!! of ppl who cut u off at the last moment, makes me want to slam my truck at their car but that would only cause delays in my commute.
  • No, I love driving. But I *do* get annoyed with people who drive like idiots.
  • Oh yes. Oh yes it does. When I get behind the wheel I become a completely different person. Actually, its the people I have to drive along with. They get me so irritated sometimes I just want to scream. Slow in the fast lane, getting in front of me then slowing, taking way too long to make a simple turn. I should take a cab everywhere I go.
  • Yes when I see a teen driving on ice or adult who doesn't have any common sense. It makes me very sad they have no idea.....

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