• Can you use it in a sentence? Spell checker flags the spelling. I haven't every heard it myself.
  • Squiffy means very drunk.
  • tipsy: slightly drunk
  • According to It means squiffy - very drunk besotted, blind drunk, blotto, pie-eyed, slopped, sloshed, smashed, soaked, soused, sozzled, crocked, fuddled, pissed, pixilated, plastered, cockeyed, loaded, wet, stiff, tight
  • In some contexts it can mean a runny stomach, ie the runs, or drunk as people have said.
  • The story I like best is that the word goes back to H.H. Asquith, British Prime Minister at the beginning of the Great War, who had a pretty serious drink problem, and was known as Squiffy...
  • Of people: drunk. Of things: crooked, slanting.
  • 1) squiffy: "Etymology Unknown - Adjective squiffy (UK) slightly drunk or intoxicated" Source: 2) skew-whiff: "Adjective skew-whiff (or skew whiff) (British and Australian) askew I hung up that picture, but it looks skew-whiff to me - Quotations 2005 : He wasn't wearing shoes or a jacket and tie, and his front stud was undone, so that the white collar stood up skew-whiff. - Alan Hollinghurst, The Line of Beauty, (Bloomsbury Publishing, paperback edition, 401) - Related terms squiffy Retrieved from """ 3) "squiffy (informal) intoxicated (popularly but probably erroneously said to be from British Prime Minister (Herbert)Asquith, a noted imbiber). The word can also be synonymous with skew-whiff." Source: 4) Here some further definitions: 5) "there's something squiffy going on with Fileden, my file hosting provider" Source:

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