• Generally speaking, the virtues of pearls are known by the observation of their effects in one's daily life as they are carried, worn or attuned to by certain methods such as psychic contact with the indwelling elemental spirit. Some of the pearls have quite unusual physical effects, such as the costly and rare Mustika Merah Delima that tinges water where it is immersed in with a red coloring--or so the story goes. The above was taken from: That article sort of explains things. Oh and check this bizarreness out... Very strange...
  • want to learn more about this stone as well. I just saw one in Bali. In a totally dark room, we placed it in water and then touched it - IT LIT UP LIKE A LIGHTBULB!!! Just like an electric light switch on and off as we touched it. See attached photos. I do not understand how a stone can acually generate light. My friend who has 4 of these stones in Bali confirmed the mythology about the power of the stones and said that Suharto is reported to have had a big one which could illuminate a whole pool. I would appreciate an explanation regarding the remarkable light emiting qualities of this stone. The site won't let me upload the photo right now - must confirm my account, but it hasn't sent me the email in about 12 hours. You left a singapore phone number but it was invalid. Mine is (65) 9753 7750 Thanks Tom
  • Delima= pomegranate in Bahasa Indonesia delima merah= red pomegranate, but also stands for ruby. I have been travelling in Indonesia for over 30 years and have never heard of this one, but I do not doubt that beliefs in the magical qualities of such stones exist. I remember buying a ring in Yogyakarta once and being told by the seller that if the ring did not like me, it would leave me. Needless to say, it kept disappearing all the time, finally for good, so I guess it didn't like me.
  • I don't know if it's that stone, but I've heard of A stone that is fought over like that- and it came from a comic I'm sure has been burned in many nations that claimed the stone was chunk that broke off the Qaba in Mecca, before Mohammad got there. So, I know of A legend- don't know if it's the same one you know of!
  • Yes, its actually Merah Delima and in appearance resembles a red diamond. Many people claim to own these, particularly in Indonesia, but the genuine article, and more particularly those of real power are extremely rare, hence the reason people will pay upwards of $5 million for the real thing. Strictly speaking it is not absolutely necessary to wear it just to carry it on the person is sufficient. And yes, they do work...
  • Dear all Delima Merah stone is really. I have the stone, If you interesting to buy the stone please call me by phone +6281373512345. please come to Indonesia.

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