• MediaCoder is decent and free: Then there's this one that I've used in the past: What exactly are you trying to do?
  • mmconvert is also an decent open-source converter :)
  • First thing first... If you are trying to burn 700MB files to DVD format for watching in a standard DVD player... STOP RIGHT NOW! Let's back up and go over this whole thing for a second. When a file is "ripped" (doesn't matter which source, DVD, Telecine, CAM) information is lost. Divx/XVid are "lossy" formats. To achieve the amounts of compression they use, they drop out many different types of data. They can drop out lines of resolution and they can shrink color ranges, they can even increase pixel size. This all serves the purpose of making the file size smaller. A DVD file can run up to 7GBs in size and this is shrunk by a factor of ten to achieve 700MB size. Thus 90% of the data is lost (okay for the technical purists, 50% of the data is lost, the rest is reduction is codec overhead). Where am I going with this?... I'm going here...> When you convert back to DVD, the converter has to come up with the missing data and most converters (all of the free ones) merely make up sh... stuff to put back in. Okay there's all this mumbo-jumbo about "frame line interpolation" and all that jazz, but what it comes down to is... they make it up. This adds in even more "loss of quality" artifacts, so what happens is you take a really good rip and convert it to DVD and it looks crappy. Then you blame yourself for not doing it right or the program for not being good enough or buddy who did the original rip or maybe the postman - just because. The real culprit is the process. So... bottom line... you want to watch those movies you got as "legally obtained back-up copies of DVDs you already own" (inserted just for the DRM advocates out there). Go out and get yourself a region-free, Divx/XVid capable DVD player for about $40 bucks at WalMart. I recommend the Philips DVP5990 (it's what I use for non-Blu Rays). It plays all the latest codecs (except the brand new Divx one), can read .avi files off DVDR data discs or from a USB thumb drive, can be region code unlocked and has a built in PAL to NTSC converter. Oh and did I mention it has a pretty good DVD upscaler for clear 1080p video ouput. With it you don't need to burn disc after disc of DVDs, just pop your movie on a USB stick watch it and erase. Hope this helps.
  • Well yes I do know one but its only a AVI to an mp4.

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