• It was probaby a mix of two things: 1) A little attention to show that he hasn't forgot about you 2) A little of the zinger side
  • I really dont know the history of this relationship of yours. But I think he just meant he had a good day and it was very nice. There is no reason to try and read something sinister in the message.
  • Nah..I wouldn't take it that way...
  • If an ex said that to me I would feel a little bummed out by by it, whether or not she (he in your case) meant it in that way. I would assume he did mean it to zing ya, but ah whatever!
  • He possibly read your text as sarcastic, as in: " Happy Birthday" (without me?) or something like that so he retaliated. Sad thing about texts are they have no intonation so they are read by the person the way THEY think you said it. :o)
  • My best guess would be, "yes" it was. A more neutral response would have been, "it was lovely, thank you for remembering me." Classier too, if you ask me. My advise, not that you asked for it, is to take the hint and don't text your ex again. If you don't open yourself up for a barb, you won't get one. If you can't resist the urge to text him back I would suggest you tell him, "I'm so glad for you(.)" -- did you notice the "period" there? -- and then rubber band your fingers together until you get over the urge to text him again. Accept that it's over and move on. Focus your attention on other people who are more receptive to you.
  • Sounds to me as if he was being ratfaced. Trying tomake you feel guilty or sorry.
  • Probably not. I find that when exes make contact it tends to be awkward. Short and standard are easy.
  • I think so... but is a really sneaky stupid way. I wonder what he did that was so great...
  • I'm taking a wild guess here, but no I don't think so. I think it's more likely he just wanted you to believe he's getting on with his life and doing okay with things, even if he's not. I don't think he'd want you to feel sorry for him if he had a crappy day.
  • maybe he wanted to make you jealous
  • If he seems that type then give him a mild zinger back. Something like. "That's nice, though I almost put down a deposit for your birthday Mercedes! What am I like?"

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