• No, never had to do that. I hope those kind of situations don't come up, although I would try my best to save a life.
  • no but someones saved mine =)
  • Yes once & another time I tried my best
  • Yes I have, but not physically. I convinced them to save themselves through talking.
  • that I But I am proud of this! (look in the comment thread)
  • A little. My sister gave blood at a school function and she refused to stay laying down, and she had to use the bathroom so she just went, and the she blacked out and I caught her. She could've really hurt her head or something!
  • I rescued my daughter once from the deep end of the pool. That scared the crap out of me..
  • Not really.
  • I caught a child by the leg as she was falling down the steps. I stopped my friend from walking in front of a car, she wasn't watching the traffic. I took myself to the doctor when I needed to go. It is a kind of scary thing to think about in that who did I not save, or did I cause unknowingly death, or how many people did i save from death and not know it. Hmmmmmmm...
  • Once, i was on my way back to work and this little boy was crossing the road behind his mum, why she didnt have hold of him i dont know and this car turned the corner so i pushed him out of the way and then got myself ran over, very proud of what i did but ium still suffering for it almost 2 years later
  • yes multiple times. one time a guy was choking on a muffin in a cafe and i performed the heimlich maneuver. the guy and his family thanked me and i was a bit nervous. i got free coffee there since. another time a car was leaking gasoline so i chased after it, made the driver and his wife (very old people) pull down their windows at a light and told them that their gas was leaking. they were scared of me, but neverless they asked me this "what do i do" i replied "pull over and shut off your engine". i was also nervous. another time i asked my girlfriend kindly not to jump down from a tower. just recently i was in the passenger seat nad my friend enigmatically started to drive at a red light, i told hiim to watch out. if i didn't a car would have driven into his side door. i am sure there were more times but they are really nothing like on tv. you just get nervous. thats it.
  • That's what I'm paid for! (I work in emergency medicine... Of course, I'm not in it for the money.) :)
  • we were climbing up a mountain thingy..or a hill mabye... my niece slipped.. and i grabbed her arm.. otherwise.. she could have gone down there..and stop in pieces..

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