• What? I would understand if the deception was done to secure a scholarship, to get money to pay hospital bills, or something else that really matters. But tickets to attend a concert? Whoa!
  • No. It doesn't. After reading that I feel depressed.
  • That's un-freaking-believable. How do such people sleep at night? I hope that the tickets had to be returned, or if they were used, I hope that the mother was made to pay. I also think the mother should be punished. That's an act of fraud.
  • Its disgusting, what sort of lesson is that to teach a child, I hope the mother is charged with fraud, what a terrible woman :-(
  • I could see a kid doing this on their own as kids generally have no common sense (not that this would make it right) but for a mother to have a kid do it? That's absolutely incredible.
  • It reminds me of the the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador who went on TV and told the following lie to a caucus of Congress (NOT under oath), in order to get America into war against Iraq: "I volunteered at the al-Addan hospital. While I was there, I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns, and go into the room where . . . babies were in incubators. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die." When in fact she had been in Washington, DC at the time.
  • I have to wonder what they're going to use the essay for. I also point out that the judging was not based on how well-written the essays were, but on how emotionally compelling -- in other words, how valuable the essays are for propaganda purposes.
  • Nothing along these lines surprises me any more. Yes, there are lower things but stuff like this is indicative of too many folks mentality these days. A very sad state of affairs.
  • Is there any proof that the mother helped her child do it? My younger sisters LOVE Hannah Montana [Miley Cyrus / Destiny Hope Cyrus] and I know for a fact that there are guys who think that she is hot. Apparently she's an amazing singer, and she's also really pretty. She's the role model of many young children. My point is that she is very well-liked and many would do anything to meet her. Anyway, even if the mother didn't help do it, she is still responsible for her child's actions as her child is under the age of 18 (most likely). If she DID help with writing the essay, then THAT behaviour along with with the behaviour of the child is disgusting (although if this is the case, the child's behaviour is much less worse than it would have been if the child had written the essay on her own and without any help). If she didn't, then it is not really her fault (and the child is the only one guilty as far as I'm concerned) but she should pay for it anyway according to law.
  • Hey - She is just working the system! This individual is taking advantage of the the sappy sentimentality that says every American who dies in IRAQ is a "hero". That sentimentality is simply war propaganda generated by the government to distract us from the stupidity and immorality of this war. The government expects every American to think of a soldier in IRAQ as a modern Crusader - God's warrior struggling against those Non-Christian Islamic devils who sneak attacked us on 9/11. That is pure BS. Lets consider the HUNDREDS of thousands of civilian casualties in IRAQ - aren't they heroes as well??? But we never hear about them.
  • Yeah, thats pretty low.
  • hey whatever it takes to win I say. Kudos to being inventive.
  • I actually don't see any problem with that whatsoever. If the people running the competition were gullible enough to award tickets on the grounds of a sickeningly patriotic sob story without performing any fact-checking, that's entirely their problem. Also, as far as I'm concerned lying is not a wrong per se - it becomes wrong if it is done in a circumstance in which one party has a clearly established obligation to tell the truth (clearly not present in a simple competition), or causes significant harm. Since the essay contest was conducted entirely on the concert organisers' terms and they didn't stand to lose ANYTHING from giving tickets to the 'wrong' person, I can't see how this is in itself unethical. It is, at worst, a wholly neutral act: nobody was harmed, and the contest was an arbitrary award so nobody "deserved" to win or lose.

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