• a bit..It makes me realize that I wouldn't trust them.
  • If they cheat on their partner, they are probably capable of putting the screws to me too. I would view their words and actions more suspiciously after hearing about their cheating.
  • i know a guy who has cheated multiple times on his wife. i would never put him in a position where i would have to trust him.
  • No. I've been in that position. It's always very touchy for me to bring the subject up, because people hear "I've cheated before" and automatically label you a horrible person, which is just not the case (at least not for me). There are those who learn from their mistakes and genuinely feel remorseful for their actions (such is the case for myself), and I give people an opportunity to show that. If they can't, then that's where I lose respect for them. On another note, I certainly hope that AB members haven't lost respect for me due to certain mistakes that I made when I was 16.
  • Let's consider this one very carefully. First of all, nobody knows what occurred, either factually or in the minds of the participants in the so-called "cheating" incident. Then we are asked to make a judgment of another. The trouble is, all (okay, most) judgments are simply projections. That is, when we judge another what we are really doing is judging ourselves, condemning what we have done in the past or what we believe ourselves capable of doing. So to "lose respect" for someone is really to lose respect for ourselves for our own conduct or potentials. The secret to life is to learn to accept, accept ourselves as we are and others as they are. If one can truly learn to love himself and to accept himself, then he can accept anyone and love anyone. So in this context, the questions really isn't appropriate.
  • Yes very much so. Inorder to have a relationship you must have trust even in friendship. If you are in a relationship and he/she cheats all respect goes down the drain. You start second guessing.
  • Yes. I would. However, there are some people who feel remorseful for their actions. These people don't generally cheat again, I would imagine. They would be the exception to the rule.
  • Yes I would. I don't respect anyone who "cheats" at anything. and there's no excuse, cheating cannot be qualified with a ,But............anything.........
  • Yeah, maybe a little.
  • I cheated on my ex bfriend.I feel horrible about it and I have done all that I can to make sure it never happens again.I worry all the time that the next person I go out with (That is if I ever get the guts to start again)will run for the hills when they find out I have cheated before.I told another guy who was interested in me and he stopped calling me afterwards.I hurt my ex badly,but I dont want to be pay for it for my whole life.So I have personally decided to concetrate on other things in my life other than relationships.Its lonely sometimes but its better than the looks I will get from other people when they find out.
  • Well, that's a little tricky lol. I think the reason people do that is because they know how it feels to be cheated on. So then would I be wrong if I judged a woman more than I would a man?

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