• I like Windows - but Mac's don't get viruses.
  • I've always owned IBM compatable PC's, never a Mac, but some of there commercials make me want to research them more for next purchase
  • I would say there's no question that OS X (the Mac operating system) is technically superior to Windows, and offers many advantages. But... as everyone who has gone shopping knows... Macs are expensive. And the software for them is often less available -- for example, Quicken, one of the most popular programs in the world, has a Mac version -- but it's 2 years out of date. Microsoft Office is available for the Mac as well, but always lags behind the Windows version. And you don't find a lot of $39 Mac programs... either you get Open Source stuff (if you're a geek) or you plunk down the big bucks. On the other hand, the Mac has a lot of things built in that are extra on a PC. And Macs are... really... just more cool, polished, and friendly. Finally, if you have the bucks for a Mac, all is not lost, there are several ways to run Windows on the Mac -- even at the same time as OS X. Parallels and VMWare both make products which can run Windows applications on the Mac, and Apple lets you install Windows as a secondary boot choice ("boot camp"). There, wasn't that simple? :)
  • Both make great doorstops.
  • I personally prefer Linux first ... second choice would be Mac ... and I would only use MS Windows as a last resort, if I had to. ... as "HasntBeen" says, Mac can run Windows, which, in my opinion, makes it better.
  • I look at it as a ford and a chevy. Both accomplish the same thing. Both have features you might like. Look at the whole package. You may find you want both computers, you may find you want Linux but to say one is better that the other, that is so broad its not as simple as a yes/no answer.
  • none of the above, Linux
  • I like Mac better, windows Is the worst OS to have ever been written.There are a lot of security flaws, viruses spyware etc =)
  • i like PC's better, there IMO more user friendly, tho Mac is more Flasy than PC
  • Windows is much better than Mac OS X at getting viruses. It can also crash more often and destroy your bank balance faster.
  • windows
  • I always wanted a mac because of the no viruses thing, but I've always had windows xp/vista

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