• Is there anything wrong with them?
  • I think that a lot of the time the mama dog instinctively knows what to do....but you should DEFINITELY talk to a vet or someone who knows a lot about breeding dogs just in case And why in the world did someone initially DR this question?
  • We just got done weaning our second litter of pups within a single year. I can tell you that she will get all the important stuff right on her own, for the most part. The only thing you really need to watch is her time with the pups. For the first couple of weeks, they are not able to generate their own body heat, so they need to be able to lay with her in a little cluster. The mother should only be away from them long enough to eat, drink and go outside. After the first couple of weeks the mother can start to have a little more time out of the puppies area, and can gradually less the amount of time that she spends with her pups, until they are weaned. Remember that the mother is going to need plenty of food and water available, especially after nursing.
  • The best thing you can do is leave her be and let her take care of her puppies. Momma dogs know what to do to take care of their babies. The worst thing you can do is interfere too much. Don't handle them too much, try to wash them, or move them around. Make sure she has a safe and warm place that is clean and she will do the rest. She even licks up their pee and stuff so that it won't get too messy.
  • Just let the mother dog look after them..she knows best what to do.
  • You've gotten a lot of good advice... here's a couple of things I do to help out my new mothers: 1) Increase mom's food. Feed her a lot of cottage cheese and vanilla yogurt on top of their food. Add in a scrambled egg (made with a bit of cheese, milk and honey). 2) Early socialization is important. Your mother dog should allow you to handle the puppies. Like someone recommended, don't overhandle them (it will stress out the baby and mom) but do touch, kiss and coddle them for short periods of time. 3) Keep the room VERY WARM. Average whelping box temperature for puppies under 7 days should be between 80 and 85 degrees. The room temperature shouldn't be below 80. You can use a space heater to keep the room warm. 4) Wash your hands every time you handle mom or puppies. Don't let strangers into the room. Don't let other dogs into the room. 5) If you want to remove their dewclaws, this must be done at your vet when the puppies are 3-5 days old. Many new owners do not want to deal with dewclaws and appreciate if they are taken off. 6) Buy a baby scale and weigh the puppies daily. This is the FIRST sign of an unhealthy puppy. He/She will begin to drop weight. You will then know who may need to be supplemented with a bottle. (A great bottle is not the ones sold in petstores (those are awful!) get a Gerber infant bottle. The nipple is a perfect size.) 7) Clean the bedding frequently. When they are this young they usually have to be stimulated to urinate and deficate which means mom cleans up after them. But, not always, and you certainly don't want the puppies to be lying in urine stained bedding. This will cause urine scalding. I typically change the bedding every 3 days when they are under a week. 1-2 weeks I change it every day. 3+ weeks I change it at least once a day.... sometimes 3! 8) Check mom's nipples and breasts every day. Make sure none are lumpy, red, painful or too swollen. This is very important and could mean a trip to the vet! 9) Use a heating pad set on low under the whelping box away from mom to help keep newborns warm. They can crawl over to it if needed. I generally leave it there until about 3 weeks old. 10) Vaccine protocol.... Follow your vets recommendation. However, I've found that you must wait at least 8 weeks for the first shot or else you're competing with the colostrum they received from mom at birth. I do 8 weeks first booster, 9 weeks I do kennel cough, 12 weeks second booster, 16 weeks third booster, 17+ weeks (I prefer 6 months) rabies. But, talk to your vet. It depends on the size of the dog and how quickly you need to place them in homes. GOOD LUCK! Have fun and kiss those babies for me. :)
  • Hi Do you have a infrared lamp, they are very cheap and keep the pups at the right temp. 96-97 degF Make sure you have a thermometer in the room to maintain constant temp. 72 deg F NEVER EVER GIVE A COLD PUP MILK OF ANYKIND YOU WILL KILL IT. Always warm the pup with a blanket and glucose water (Warm) first and never give mum or pups Cows milk. Goats milk is a thumbs up and they really love it. Make sure you keep an eye on all pups and weigh and take their temps daily. This way you can keep a constant eye on them. Some pups can be smaller than others and with pups it "every pups for itself, and mums can also get a little carried away and clean, clean, clean which knocks the pups of the teat. So sometimes you have to ensure the smallest gets his/her share. Also one last thing, if your any pup dies fail to thrive and you have to use a siringe,pipet then give the feed very slowly, if you "squirt it fast" then it can go straight to their lungs and give them Pnuemonia, which sadly often fatal Any other questions, will be happy to help and on a good note good luck What breed are they??
  • Congrats on pups. Make sure they are warm enough,if they huddle together and cry,they are cold,yet if they spread out and shade themselves they are to hot! Mum is normally very well prepared for this so let her do her thing. Improvise with what materials you have,ie hot water bottles,(obviously wrapped and not to hot),clean and fresh paper/towels and make sure mum gets plenty to eat and drink as her appetite will increase so much. Beware of mum accidentally crushing pups,a whelp box is good for this as it keeps mum and pups comfy and safe. If you notice a particularly weak puppy then i would suggest vet,but in theory your bitch should have seen a vet before now. Just keep a close eye as the first 10 days the dogs rely on mum so much for heat,as they cant regulate their own body temp. So warmth,and plenty of water and food,a close eye and she and her pups should be fine.x
  • my dog baby die maby 1hauer ago what do l do to heip her she is looking for it.
  • Get plenty of rest while they're quiet cos in a couple of weeks when the pups are on their feet and making their noise at 3am you'll need plenty of patience!! lol!! Enjoy them cos they grow fast and all too soonyou'll be waving them off to their new homes x
  • She will know what to do. Just feed her well - you can get advice on correct feeding from Google. Put it "what should I feed a nursing bitch?"

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