• Yes. The 22nd amendment, which created presidential term limits, makes no reference to a former president holding any other office in the federal government.
  • I remember when Ronald Reagan was campaigning, he had first asked Gerald Ford to be his running mate. Pres. Ford, although was flattered by the offer, turned it down. As most of you know, Gerald Ford was Nixon's vice president, and became the next president after Nixon's resignation.
  • Well, here is the Democratic Party's 2008 ticket: Hillary for president with Bill as VP. I think it was a plan.
  • It's never happened to my knowledge. And since the amendment to prevent a third term, he would have to have been a single term president. That doesn't happen anymore unless he was unpopular, so since unpopular presidents don't get VP posts, I'd have to say no.
  • There is nothing in the constitution that prevents it. The understanding would be, that because of the two term limit, he could assume the duties of the VP, but should the President die in office, he would step aside and allow the next person in line of succession to assume the presidency. It is theoretically possible. It's just unlikely that it will ever happen.
  • The 22nd Amendment states "no person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice..." It makes no restriction about succeeding to the office. Therefore a prior two-term President who is elected to VP can succeed to be President again, and serve out the remainder of the deceased President's term. But that promoted VP could not be elected again as President.
  • Actually, it states that NO ONE shall serve more than 10 yrs. as President. Which means if a President dies a year after he takes office and the VP takes over he can only run one more and be elected, due to the fact that a second elected term would put him over the limit (ie: Ford). In the case of LBJ, Kennedy was killed well over 2 1/2 yrs. into his first term, so LBJ could have run a second time and won and it would have been constitutional. And I do believe that as long as the former Pres had only one term (or half or less of a appointed term and an elected term) and is capable of being President, then it is stated that he can run as VP. But keep in mind that if a 4 yr. term would put him over the 10 yr. alloted amount, he would not be elegible.
  • What I meant to say was "I DON"T think so, because he would have to take over..." Guess I wasn't paying attention when I typed the question. Not that it matters now, this question was posted a long time ago.
  • No he/she may not. This is a duplicate question. Look here for answers.
  • 1) "While it is clear that under the Twelfth Amendment the original constitutional qualifications of age, citizenship, and residency apply to both the President and Vice President, it is unclear if a two-term President could later be elected—or appointed—Vice President. Some argue that the Twenty-second Amendment and Twelfth Amendment bar any two-term President from later serving as Vice President as well as from succeeding to the presidency from any point in the United States presidential line of succession. Others contend that the Twelfth Amendment concerns qualification for service, while the Twenty-second Amendment concerns qualifications for election, and thus a former two-term president is still eligible to serve as president. Neither theory has ever been tested, as no former President has ever sought the Vice Presidency, and thus the courts have never been required to make a judgment." Source and further information: 2) " Whoever thinks that Bill Clinton can’t be president again is sadly mistaken. I don’t mean a ''de facto'' president when his wife Hillary is elected; I mean an honest-to-God actual president on his own." " Here is the 22nd Amendment as it stands in our Constitution, in relevant part: “Section 1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be *elected* to the office of the President more than once. … " (Emphasis added)" "Since former president Bill Clinton was elected president twice, he cannot be elected president again, according to the 22nd Amendment. However, if Bill somehow became vice president, during Hillary’s term or otherwise, [he] would have another shot at the oval office" Source and further information:
  • Yes. But if he becomes Pres. through the vp he cannot serve more than 10 yrs. as pres.

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