• Have you thought about doing the rounds? I mean taking your book to book stores and asking them if they would like to retail it. You could do it on a "sale or return" basis. Therefore, the shop is not taking any risks on buying the books off you.
  • Self-publishing houses offer marketing services. Try to get in touch with Xlibris at They offer 33% discount when you avail of their marketing services within the month of November.
  • you need a lot of money to copy it and advertise it etc etc... try to contact any private publishing company.. they would give you all the info you need!
  • It doesnt cost much. My friend self published his book is for sale on amazon.
  • Self-publishing companies like Xlibris offers a variety of marketing services so your book can be available in bookstores. Try visiting their website,, to check out their services that suit your preference and budget.
  • You would likely have to sell your books to the store. Your best bet is to start small and just start hitting up small local book stores and offering them to read some of your books for free to see if theyd be interested in buying some
    • kevonb129
      Try also contacting book clubs online and in your community to network and see if they or anyone else would be interested. See if you have a local book review. Or try to get ij touch with book reviewers and give copies to them and see if theyd review them for a newspaper or magazine or a popular online blog where they could give their audience a link to purchase your book online

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