• Bacardi, Appleton or Capt. Morgans. I prefer dark for drinking and cooking.
  • It should be fine, it just may make the pie a slightly darker color.
  • it will only really effect the color, not so much the taste. If you want a light rum you can go with any brand for cooking, just get the clear rum not the brown rum.
  • I have to disagree that it won't affect the taste. Dark rum has a richer, sweeter flavor than white rum and I don't see how that wouldn't transfer into something that you're cooking, but I am a drinker and not so much a cook. ;-) Agree that for cooking, probably any light rum will do. Bacardi is a standard light rum.
  • It really shouldn't make much difference. Yes, the color or sweetness might be changed but no one will have th other to compare it with so make it with what you have. It's not like you are trying to use beer instead.
  • Should be no difference, a good light rum that is cheap is just bacardi. It'll do the trick
  • One would think that with the availability of all types of "Drinkable Rums" that "Rum Extracts" wouldn't have any "Sales" for cooking, but they Do for a Reason! That "Reason is that they "Last" & Produce More Flavor in the "Baking Process" while once the "Alcohol is gone, so is the "Flavor". Same for all the "Drinkables". When U "Flambeau" (Flame Off) a Sauce, U just take the "Bite" off the "Drinkable" component. John
  • Think about it this way -- you can't know if it would "hurt" until you try it. It may "alter" the taste, but it won't mess up the recipe or anything. You'll still get an eggnog custard pie. One of the most important things about recipes is figuring out what is essential and what you can play around with by substituting other things. Flavorings, like rum, definitely fall into the range of possible substitutions category with regard to a custard pie. So, I say give it a shot. (Pardon the pun.)
  • I say use whatever rum you'd add to your drinking eggnog.
  • Yes it does matter:) I would use a dark rum in a custard pie because English Rums contain the greatest amount of Molasses. Or you might be better off using a French Rum that is produced from Sugar Cane( St James from Martinique) Spanish Rums are good but they are fairly clean in taste...(Bacardi from Puerto Rico)..or use a Coquito:)
  • to two too remember learning how to use these? I can't help it; I just have to speak out.

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