• I guess it could happen...but if you really love someone you accept them as they are.....
  • It would not matter to me. I am attracted to his whole being.
  • My s/o has gained 30 pounds over the past 25 years and I would definitely still tap that! :) He looks better with the weight on ... sexier...
  • My husband gains about ten pounds each winter. I think he's just as attractive! If ten pounds is a deal breaker for someone, they have issues!!
  • My wife has gained a bit of weight since we married, and I think she's just as sexy as she ever was. If she gains a good deal of weight, then I've just gotta be honest--my attraction to her might wane. Not that I'd leave her or anything, but I'd probably suggest that we find a way to get a regular workout. Lord knows *I* need more exercise...
  • My husband has gained and lost weight (as have I) in the 13 years we've been together. I still think he's attractive. More than his looks though, I would be concerned about his health, as he has somewhat high cholesterol and a major Type A personality.
  • Nope... I'd be routier than a 3 peckered billy goat. As we exchange answers, I'm trying to fatten my beloved bride up a bit. Too skinny looks unhealthy to me.
  • Not at all. My hubby weighed 150 at 6'2" when I met him 8 years ago, now he is 190! He looks SOOO much better with the weight.
  • Not at all. As I've stated here a while ago. If still has the personality I fell in love with, a little thing like weight gain wouldn't make much of a difference.
  • no, i love my baby no matter what
  • no not at all. He's 6'1" and 150 pounds so he can gain 30 pounds and be regular, lol
  • No, not at all. He's a great guy and he has such a sexy brain.
  • My ex-wife varied in weight about 30 lbs (I'm guessing) during the time we were married. I rarely noticed (except when she lost significant weight in a short time) and basically never cared. I just loved her for her. I never knew what she weighed and it didn't matter to me. . . .
  • He has gained a lot more than that and at first it bothered me because he said for me to tell him when I thought he was getting too heavy. So I did and he didn't do anything about it so I let it go and nothing has changed. I am still attracted to him in all ways and I have put on some weight also. Still a honeymoon though....happy and in love:)
  • Not at all...I tend to put on weight at the same time...I'm with him because of his character, not a number on the scale.

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