• I would like to think we found each other :) We both worked together in college...
  • Unfortunately, it hasn't happened yet, but I got my fingers crossed.
  • Neither
  • Well I don't know.. I'm bisexual, but this is my bit: I fell in love with my female bestfriend. I do believe in soulmates but I can't say if I'm obsessed with the idea or if it's my priority finding one, but when I realized she might be 'it', I told her. She's not into same-sex relationships, so that's where it ended... I've told her that maybe... we're not supposed to be together in this life... and I swore to myself that in the next life I'll do everything I can to be born a man. Are we soulmates? I don't know. I'm convinced that we are, but-- *sigh*
  • We found each other, right here!!;) (Heard you two were having some man talk yesterday;)
  • A random meeting on a random day that ended randomly with a spontanious pool party. If we hadn't seen each other dressed for swiming, we may not have even noticed each other!
  • Jim "inherited" me. He is a retired hair stylist. My hair stylist moved away and I was asked who I wanted to do my hair..I didn't know anyone else so I said whoever is available is fine with me...Jim came round the corner and it was "instant" friends..for about a year and a half..then he asked me out to dinner..we've been together ever since..that was in July of 1997, but who remembers? :)
  • We found each other. I went to his sisters house, on my way to a wedding, to mend her cat's ear only to find her brother there to assist me. Since I was in a hurry we worked together for about 30 minutes holding this cat down and tending to his ear. He asked me a question I did not hear all of ... when I looked up to ask what he said, our eyes met, we both knew! I was speachless and so was he. We knew from that moment on we would be together forever. I skipped the wedding and took him to my apartment...4 months later we were married...That was 15 years ago.
  • We found each other. He came to where I was working for some information. It was love at first sight for me. I think there was some divine intervention at that point, because when I got home, the deadbolt on my door broke, and I had to go to the Home Depot, where he worked to get a replacement. I asked him to help me find the right lock. Sparks flew, and that was the beginning of our happily ever after! We have been married for 15 amazing years.
  • well i knew before him. I would dream about him (we used to be friends) and he didnt really like me, he was actually kind of mean to me...but i would dream about him all the time. Deam that he liked me too. Then a year later we started talking and both met up. we then broke it off with the people we were seeing and havent spent much time apart.
  • He found me, he delivered to the store that I was working at for a while and one day asked me for my phone number. The funny thing is I had put in my notice and the next day was my last day so if he hadn't asked me that day we would have never seen each other again. We were married 7 mths. later.
  • We found each other!
  • I met the love of my life 19yrs ago. He was dating my best friend at the time. It was 3yrs later that after not seeing each other for about a year and a half he came back into town with her and after a few weeks in town we saw each other to catch up. I went to walk him part way home and when I went to hug him goodbye we ended up kissing. It was about 2 or three weeks later after being informed that his ex broke up with the guy I was seeing for me that he asked me "so does this mean we're going out or what?" That was 16yrs ago. So I guess we found each other.
  • Found each other threw a mutual friend.

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