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  • i have tried most things already, i know for a fact i am impossibly terribly and horribly straight, but can share, and sorry nothing dealing with waste or blood... anything else goes!
  • try it in the plane.
  • Yes to pretty much all things Sex, bdsm consentually and most things in the lifestyle EXCEPT Scat and Pee.
  • Nothing is too taboo for me to try.
  • Scat is too taboo for me. But i have actually technically tried it. I ate dog poop playing truth or dare :(
  • Necrophilia, pedophilia, and scat. No, I would not try them. <<<Shudder>>>
  • I can be pretty hardcore. I don't think I'd ever do roman showers, that's way too much. And honestly, anything that makes me feel like shit. I know there are people out there, subs, slaves, etc, that get off on being made to feel that way with different techniques but I have reasons for not being into it that heavy (similar for example to someone who was abused in their past and slapped in the face a lot, and cannot do that in bdsm play).
  • Pretty much anything involving bodily functions or anal. I haven't tried anal sex, but I also have never been asked to either. Not sure I would try it if i was asked though either.
  • I don't think "taboo" is the right word. Its more what I enjoy and am comfortable with enjoying. Growing up I hardly thought at all about a lot of things that are now pretty commonplace for most girls. But I never learned to enjoy things like anal, DP, and multiple partner sex until I was lots older. I'm sure some things I will never learn to enjoy like performing oral, or being tied up or subjected to pain - like deep throating although I did learn to do it but still don't care to do it - though I know a lot of women do apparently like these. Being struck or spanked is the same. Anything involving bodily functions I don't care to do.
  • Necrophilia, pedophilia, bestiality and anything involving urination or defecation. Not even remotely interested. I had one gf - and I use the word loosely in this case - who wanted me to try bestiality. She even brought her (male) dog over. To make her happy I got as close as being naked and having the dog lick my dick and my balls a bit before I said, "Sorry, can't do this!!" Suffice to say, we didn't date after that night.

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