• I don't believe so, but I am not ignorant to some children's behavior. I happen to have 2 very well mannered, calm children. If they were hyper-active or had certain behavior issues, my answer may be different. I would like to hear from someone who feels differently for another perspective.
  • i dont think so.
  • My youngest daughter was diagnosed with AD/HD when she was in the first grade. It was bad..she could not sit still through a meal, much less class. It was recommended that she go on medication (Adderall) which I gave her once. I did not like the way it made her calmed her down all right..TOO much. My solution: I took her out of school and taught her at home and enrolled her in Taekwondo classes. Within less than a year she was able to sit through an entire rank testing without fidgiting. She learned to discipline her body and mind without interference from medication. It won't work for everyone, but it worked for her..sometimes medication is the only alternative, but it should be a last resort, IMO. She has been taking Martial Arts for almost 11 years now and still loves it.
  • That depends on the child. I taught for a long time and saw the difference a correct diagnosis could do for a child. If the child is truly HD, the meds help and do amazing things. If not, they seem stoned. Would I medicate?? Not until I tried home remedies and made sure my child wasn't having a reaction to something they ate. Amazing what an allergy can do to a child.
  • I personally don't think so unless absolutely necessary.
  • well i have a child with autism .and i just wanna pull my hair out sometimes or even comit sucide.i would love to give my child medcine to calm them down cause i cant go nowere.cause none want my child around
  • If the child is going to hurt themself or others, yes. Not that, I'm sure, any of us want to see a child-zombie either. This is an excellent question you pose.
  • Yeah, zombies are easier to control yo...
  • NO.. they should start being good parents.
  • Recent research has been showing that many cases of ADD/ADHD are nothing more that sleep deprivation, whether from parents not putting the kid to bed early enough or from sleep apnea from swollen tonsils and adenoids. Some are very likely caused by allergies to foods or other substances. Other cases are from mental illnesses that are not yet fully manifested and diagnosable (I don't know if a doctor would agree, but I've seen this one play out). Some are poor parenting. Some are probably due to illegal drug use in the home, in which the child is getting secondary exposure to drugs: ie meth residue on household surfaces or exposure to pot smoke. More than a few are caused by the current state of public education. Before I would medicate my child, I would explore every possible medical avenue to make sure my child didn't have a health problem. I would also try homeschooling my child. When it was absolutely clear that there was no other possible explanation and it had to be a mental illness, then I might consider medication.

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